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Arthritis and Dogs

Almost all dogs will suffer from arthritis to some degree as they age. Larger dogs have more problems with arthritis than smaller dogs, because they carry more weight. The increased weight adds stress to the joints, which magnifies the symptoms of arthritis. There are three things to remember when treating arthritis in dogs:

1. Always keep your dog's weight as low as possible. It's very important that the dog does not carry any extra weight. It's far healthier for your dog if he or she remains on the thin side versus carrying extra weight. The added weight adds stress to the joints and can make the arthritis worse for your dog. This is especially true in older dogs. I know it is difficult to limit food when your dog still acts hungry, but you must take responsibility for his or her weight.

2. Your dog should get plenty of exercise, but not too much. Older dogs need exercise, just as younger dogs do in order to keep them limber and in shape. However, some dogs, for example, our dog Katie who is 14-years-old, thinks she is still a young dog. We have to be careful with her sometimes, as she plays too rough and hurts herself, and ends up limping for several days. When treating arthritis, be sure and give your dog plenty of gentle exercise. Long walks are great. Playing with them as they were when they were puppies is not recommended. Sharp turns, quick stops and such can injure their joints. Be very careful when playing rough with your older dog. Too much jumping or sudden twisting while playing has to be avoided.

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3. For treating dog arthritis, there are prescription drugs available at your vet, which he or she may suggest. However, we highly recommend trying a product such as Glucosamine. It's all natural, and completely safe. Many dogs with arthritis respond very well to Glucosamine for dogs.

It's important to remember that arthritis in dogs is almost exactly the same as arthritis in humans. Therefore the symptoms and the remedies are much the same. Glucosamine works in humans as it does in dogs. Many dogs respond extremely rapidly to treatments with Glucosamine. It's important to give your dog several weeks to a month of Glucosamine before expecting results. Glucosamine does not cure arthritis and it does not mask the pain. There is no cure for dog arthritis. Glucosamine simply gives the joints the building blocks they need to repair themselves and become healthier and stronger.

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