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Arthritis in dogs is a condition that affects many older canines. Most dogs will have arthritis to some extent in their later years. Larger breed dogs usually suffer from arthritis more than smaller breed dogs. This is because larger dogs carry more weight and the weight puts more stress on their joints.

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Also, dogs that have had any kind of injury or more susceptible to arthritis later in life. Sprains, strains, or any other type of trauma can greatly aggravate the condition of arthritis. Although most common in larger breed dogs, it's also a condition which small breed dogs and cats suffer from.

There are several things that can be done to help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis. Arthritis in dogs is the same type of arthritis as standing humans. Besides giving your dog with arthritis supplements, there are several things and owners can do to help their canines with arthritis.

By far, the most important thing a dog owner can do is to make sure their dog is not overweight. Any extra weight a dog carries who has arthritis simply aggravates the condition. The joints are put under more stress with the added weight. Although diets are never easy, even for dogs, it is far better for a dog to be on the leaner side than on the heavier side.

It's also important to keep your older dogs exercise routines in perspective. Older dogs can often overdo it outside and end up hurting themselves. It's the dog owners responsibility to be aware of these possibilities and actively control or older dogs exercise.

Just like with humans arthritis seems to be aggravated with colder temperatures. Be sure and keep your older dogs with arthritis inside during low temperatures.

Older bones and joints also appreciate soft cozy beds. A soft and warm dog bed or even a pile of old quilts will be greatly appreciated by your older dog with arthritis.

Besides these easy steps a dog owner can take to make their dog's lives easier with arthritis, there are supplement products but also can ease the effects of arthritis in dogs. Liquid glucosamine is one of the most popular products for dogs with joint problems.

Liquid glucosamine is safe and all-natural and has virtually no side effects. Additionally it is far more inexpensive than many prescription drugs your veterinarian may prescribe. Although glucosamine does not help in all cases, because of its low price is important that dog owners at least try the product to see how it works with their arthritic dog. After trying it without success being the owner can look for prescription solutions.

Arthritis in dogs is a natural part of growing old is a canine. Pet owners who understand the disease and are aware of the treatments can ensure their pets a longer and healthier life.


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