Arthritis Medicine for Dogs

Read About Our Experience With Arthritis Medicine for Dogs

When our dog Storm got to be about 13 years old, he started having trouble getting up and was not moving like he used to. It continued to get worse, so we took him to the vet. He said Storm was starting to develop arthritis and suggested several alternatives for an arthritis medicine for dogs. His first suggestion was to try using simple aspirin once a day. We gave Storm the aspirin daily, and we noticed a gradual change for the better in his condition over the next few weeks. We were quite happy for Storm.

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Storm with me on a spring day several years ago

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Be Careful When Choosing an Arthritis Medicine for Dogs!

About a month later Storm became sick one afternoon. He would not get up and he looked very bad. He was very old for his size, and I was thinking his time had come. We lived over an hour from any vet, and I really thought he would not make it if we tried to move him.

But Storm was a tough dog, and he pulled through. To make a long story short, he had developed an intestinal infection from the aspirin. Upon researching the topic, we discovered this problem was not rare. We needed to find a safer arthritis medicine for dogs.

We looked at prescription drugs like Rimadyl and found problems with them too. There were many side effects associated with prescription arthritis medicine for dogs. We did more research and discovered many dog owners were using glucosamine for dog arthritis. Specifically, liquid glucosamine seemed to be the preferred type of glucosamine.

Liquid Glucosamine is a Safe Arthritis Medicine for Dogs

Liquid glucosamine is preferred over pills and capsules because of its more complete absorption and ease of administration. Both Flexicose and Synflex liquid glucosamine have an easy measuring reservoir on top of the bottle. Just squeeze the bottle to fill the reservoir with the proper dose and pour it on the dog’s food.

And best of all, liquid glucosamine has no dangerous side effects in dogs! If your dog is suffering from stiff joints, we highly recommend trying glucosamine before risking other potentially dangerous dog arthritis medication.

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Depending upon your dog's weight, one bottle will last most dogs 2 to 4 months!

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