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Arthritis Remedies For Dogs

It's almost inevitable that most canines will develop arthritis to some extent as they age. There are numerous arthritis remedies for dogs available to owners of pets who developed this joint disease. It should be remembered however that there are no cures for canine arthritis. All you can do is minimize the discomfort and try to slow the progress of joint arthritis wants is diagnosed in your dog.

Dog Arthritis Remedies

We'll talk your first about the prescription remedies for arthritis and dogs. Once a veterinarian establishes that a dog is suffering from arthritis he or she may prescribe one of several medications to control the disease and ease the pain associated with it. Many of these drugs are highly effective in easing the pain immediately. However, as stated above, there are no cures that will stop the progression of the disease.

Aspirin for Dog Arthritis

The prescribed medications the vet may suggest offering excellent for of pain relief for the dog. However, these arthritis remedies for dogs often have significant and quite dangerous side effects for some canines. Also be aware that these medicines offer no assistance to the joint in repairing or rejuvenating any of the damaged cartilage tissue that results from osteoarthritis.

Supplements for Dog Arthritis

Ask your vet what are the possible signs of side effects you should be watching for if your pet begins taking any of these prescribed remedies for arthritis. Although most dogs usually have fairly good success taking these drugs, if you canines have developed significant and sometimes even lethal side effects. The very vigilant about watching for any signs of adverse reactions if your dog is taking any of these prescribed medications.

Arthritis Relief for Dogs

Liquid glucosamine, on the other hand, is one of the most popular all-natural arthritis remedies for dogs. It has numerous attributes that make it far more attractive then prescription alternatives. The first and perhaps most important aspect of glucosamine is that it has virtually no side effects. It's an all-natural products into the used safely while most all dogs without problems.

Dogs and Arthritis Pain Relief

Secondly, glucosamine is not a drug that acts to cover up the pain of dog join arthritis. Instead, it asked to help the body rejuvenates joint tissues that have been damaged due to arthritic disease. Because the rebuilding process can take several weeks to several months, depending on the severity of the joint disease, it is important for pet owners to understand the need for patience when giving their dogs this arthritis remedy. Instead of masking the pain, the glucosamine will actually help make the joints stronger and healthier unlike prescribe medications which simply act as anti-inflammatories to control the pain.

Lastly, another benefit to using glucosamine as a remedy for dog arthritis is that it's very inexpensive compared to the alternatives. Not only is the cost far less per daily dose, the dosages are far easier to give the dog then our capsules and pills. The liquid glucosamine is easily measured with a bottle's built-in reservoir and then poured over the dogs food during supper time. Rarely if ever will pay dog balk at eating his or her food which has had glucosamine poured over it.

In closing, if you believe your dog is suffering from joint disease, be sure and seek your veterinarian's advice immediately about your options for using arthritis remedies for dogs. Choosing wisely can greatly improve your dog's quality of life in his or her later years.


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