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Arthritis Treatment For Dogs

One of the saddest parts about owning a dog is when it becomes older and begins suffering from joint disease. We began looking for an arthritis treatment for dogs when our older dogs storm began having trouble climbing stairs and getting up from a sitting position. It was sad to watch him moving into older age after having been with him through his younger years when he had so much energy and vitality.

I think one of their research about osteoarthritis and discovered an arthritis treatment for dogs that was completely safe and all-natural. We definitely did not want to give our dog Storm any canine supplement that would cause any additional problems on top of those he was already suffering from. We needed to find an arthritis treatment that was highly effective, inexpensive, and without any side effects. After doing much research, we discovered a liquid glucosamine could be an excellent supplement and arthritis treatment for dogs.

Not only was it completely safe and natural, it turned out that it was very easy to administer. Each daily dose of the product is easily poured over the dogs food at meal time. We've never noticed any dog who was finicky about eating food that had glucosamine for arthritis poured over it. Using this arthritis treatment is not an immediate relief for dogs with arthritis. Instead this treatment for dogs involves rebuilding the damaged tissue caused by the osteoarthritis. This rebuilding process of course takes time; it does not happen quickly.

Depending on the severity of the disease in the age of the dog to glucosamine supplementation can take several weeks to well over a month before any significant benefits are seen by the dog owner or experienced by the dog himself. It's important to remember that this arthritis treatment for dogs is not masking the pain or acting in any way to reduce the inflammation caused by the arthritis. The benefits however are that it is helping repair the damage joint making it stronger and more pain-free for the long term.

If your dog developed symptoms of arthritis it is important to take him or her to the veterinarian for a complete checkup and verification that in fact the problem is with osteoarthritis. This condition is one of the most commonly diagnosed diseases in older dogs. Virtually all dogs as they age will develop symptoms to some degree. The veterinarian will suggest an arthritis treatment for dogs that could involve either all-natural supplements or prescription medications.

We suggest the first arthritis treatment for your dog should be in the form of an all-natural and safe supplement. Although the benefits to using these supplements are not seen immediately, it's important to remember that they are safe for the dog and may in fact offer a long-term solution to helping with the arthritis disease. However, it is unfortunate to note, that there is no cure for dog arthritis. Once the condition is established in the canine it will in fact progress for the remainder of the dog's life. The best arthritis treatment for dogs is one that will slow the progress and make a dog as comfortable as possible as he or she ages.

Always consult with your vet on the treatment options for osteoarthritis in your dog. If he or she first suggest using a prescription medication is advisable to ask him or her about other options that may be tried initially which are safer and without side effects. If he or she insists on a prescription products for treating the arthritis be sure and discuss all the potential side effects and what signs to look for is your dog is taking the potentially dangerous medication. Although many dogs can safely take these more aggressive medications, it should be noted that there are many who have suffered severe side effects. In fact, these prescribed arthritis treatments for dogs have resulted in the deaths of some canines. Always research and educate yourself on the possible problems with any treatment options suggested by your vet.


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