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Arthritis Medicine for Dogs

Just like humans, dogs may suffer from arthritis as they get older. My dog Storm had quite a time with his arthritis, so I have much experience with it. He started having symptoms when he was about 8 or so, but at the time I did not know what the problem was. It really didn’t seem like a problem at first, but in a few years his symptoms worsened and I took him to the vet. He diagnosed arthritis in Storm’s hips. Although he did not suggest any arthritis medicine for dogs yet, he did offer some suggestions to help Storm for the time being. He told me to make sure and keep Storm’s weight down and to exercise him on a regular basis. If you suspect arthritis, read our page on dog and arthritis information.

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Aspirin for Dogs - Beware!

In several years Storm’s condition worsened. I returned to the vet with him and he spoke with me about arthritis medicine for dogs and our options. His first thought was to try aspirin for Storm. I was to give him one a day and see how he did. After about a week, Storm was doing great! The aspirin was working wonders for Storm. He seemed happy and young again! He must have been in quite a bit of pain from the inflammation which was now lessened with the aspirin. (Read about dog arthritis signs.)

But in a few weeks Storm got sick one afternoon. He got VERY sick VERY fast. In fact, he almost died that night I think! According to the vet, he had developed an intestinal infection from the aspirin. (As a side note, I have since read that about 10,000 humans per year die from this problem with aspirin.) So we had to find something else for Storm’s arthritis. Storm was not getting any more aspirin!

Rimadyl Side Effects

Arthritis medicine for dogs can be in the form of over the counter drugs (like aspirin), prescription drugs (like Rimadyl), and all natural remedies. The vet gave us a bottle of Rimadyl to try. But when I got home I found on the Internet that there were all kinds of negative side effects associated with Rimadyl in dogs. I read one horror story after another of dogs who had had problems with Rimadyl. Some dogs even died from it. I knew I had to find a safer arthritis medicine for dogs. Storm needed something safe and effective.

Liquid Glucosamine for Dog Arthritis

After much reading on the Internet, I decided to try liquid glucosamine. I read many positive descriptions of how effective it was for dog arthritis. And best of all, it was a completely safe arthritis medicine for dogs. I ordered and received a bottle of Syn-flex for Storm. By the end of the first bottle, I could tell it was having a positive effect on Storm’s arthritis. So I ordered more for him. Liquid glucosamine was going to be the only arthritis medicine for dogs Storm would ever take again. It really made his last years a lot more comfortable.

Storm did so well on it, I decided to become a Syn-flex and Flexicose distributor and have since sold many thousands of bottles of each. The numbers of returning customers for Syn-flex and Flexicose I have are proof to me of the effectiveness of liquid glucosamine as an arthritis medicine for dogs. And since liquid glucosamine is completely safe, dog owners do not have to worry about serious side effects from prescription or over-the-counter type drugs.

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