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Aspirin For Dogs

When giving aspirin for dogs when they encounter joint pain it's important to understand there are some risks involved even with this most basic drug. The aspirin, when given to a dog with osteoarthritis, acts as an inflammatory medicine and relieves the pain associated with the arthritis in the joint tissues. Aspirin for dogs is highly effective to alleviate the canines joint pain.

However, there are significant side effects that should be watched out for. In fact, aspirin causes many thousands of deaths a year even in the human population. The problems are always associated with irritations and that's bleeding somewhere in the digestive tract. When giving dogs and aspirin, it's important to give it to them in low doses. Higher doses on a regular basis can cause significant irritations in their intestinal tracts. The zero Haitians can lead to bleeding and can then lead to significant infections which can be life-threatening to your canine.

One of the earliest indications that there is a problem is if your dogs poop turns black or appears like tar. This darkness is a sign there has been intestinal bleeding. If aspirin for dogs has been given in the past week or so that is no doubt because of this serious observation. Keep in mind that giving aspirin for dogs only occasionally, say once or twice a week when they are having worse days, will not usually cause any adverse reactions. It is when the aspirin is given on a daily basis to your dog at irritations can occur. The dark poop is only an indication that there is a problem.

If there is intestinal bleeding caused by the aspirin for dogs this can result in a very serious and often times life-threatening situation for the dog. This bleeding can result in an infection to the bloodstream from the digestive area which contains many bacteria. Of course the bacteria is beneficial in the digestive system but during bleeding it can leak into the bloodstream and thus cause major complications and even death to the canine.

Many veterinarians suggest giving aspirin for dog arthritis and this is perfectly fine in a normal course of treatment. If your vet prescribes a daily does of aspirin to treat your pet's osteoarthritis, be sure and consult with him about the possible side effects and other issues that may result from your dog taking the aspirin on a daily basis.

We have a personal example of the problems associated with aspirin for dogs. One of her older dogs had a severe case of arthritis in his later years and we began giving him a daily dose of aspirin as the vet suggested. All was fine for a couple of weeks in the aspirin seemed to be working very well to control his joint pain caused by the osteoarthritis. I actually did notice for a few days before he became sick that he had black poop but I do not understand the ramifications of it. Sure enough, in a few days he became very very ill one afternoon and came very close to death. However, fortunately he was able to fight off infection quickly and was much better by the next day.

Therefore, we do believe in suggest that aspirin for dogs is a viable drug for aiding in your dogs joint pain which is caused by arthritis. We we strongly suggest however to keep a close eye on your dog for any possibilities of infection which could seriously threaten your dogs health.


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