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Tips for Brushing Dog Teeth

Many dog owners know how important dental health is, but they often wonder how to brush dog teeth. Obviously it is not something that comes natural for the dog. Therefore some patience and good dog psychology are required.

By far, it is much easier to begin cleaning a dog's teeth while the dog is still a puppy. It is still possible to teach an older dog to allow you to brush his or her teeth, but it will require more effort usually.

The first and most important step when beginning the process is choosing a tooth cleaning gel with a pleasing flavor. All dogs enjoy treats and if the brushing is associated with a pleasing treat, success will be easier. Our Petzlife product comes in a salmon flavor which both dogs and cats enjoy. Begin the process simply by playing with your dog, petting him or her, and allowing them to lick some of the salmon flavored gel from your finger. Repeat this process for several days at least.

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Do not rush the process. Expect to spend a week or two in the process of coaxing your dog into allowing you to brush his teeth. After letting your dog to lick the gel from your fingers for a few days, the next step will be placing some of the gel on the brush and allowing him to lick it from there. As he licks it from the brush gently move the brush over her teeth and around in her mouth. Should the dog show any signs of hesitancy in this process, and take it more slowly. Never reach the point of exceeding your dog's tolerance for the process. This will be very counterproductive in the long run. Remember, how to brush dog teeth, requires patience and understanding as your dog get used to the process.

Continue making the process of brushing your dog’s teeth a playful one. In fact, it should never become a routine associated with anything but pleasure and fun for your dog. Almost any dog can learn to have their teeth brushed. The biggest mistake dog owners make in this process is trying to hurry without taking the required time to ensure the dog accepts the brushing.

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During the training process it is a good idea to do the playful brushings randomly throughout the day. Your goal is to have your dog look forward to the brushing and think of it as something fun and pleasurable. The dog should at no time exhibit any negative attitude towards the process. We've had customers tell us their dogs fight them during the brushing. They have obviously exceeded the dog's patience and are now in a very counterproductive mode. Your goal should be never to reach this state of resistance with your dog. All that's required to ensure this is patience when training your dog to allow you to brush her teeth.

In rare situations when the dog completely refuses to allow the toothbrush in his mouth, the next best solution is to simply spread the gel on your fingers and then swab the gel over the dog’s teeth. Although the brush is the best solution for cleaning your dog’s teeth, simply covering the teeth with the gel by using your fingers will also work for removing the tartar.

Always remember when you brush dog teeth using our gel that you must keep the dog from drinking water were eating any food for at least 30 minutes to an hour afterwards. This will allow the gel time to dissolve the plaque. If the tartar is heavy it may take daily brushing this of the dog teeth for several months to remove it. Once removed brushing only three or four times per week is all that's required to maintain healthy dog teeth.

Hopefully this article has helped you with your question of how to brush dog teeth. Never underestimate the importance of maintaining proper dental hygiene is for your dog.

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