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Where Is The Best Place To Buy Glucosamine?

Glucosamine, which is an all-natural supplement that is used to treat arthritis in both humans and dogs, can be purchased at a number of places either online or locally. We will cover here some relevant issues one should consider when purchasing glucosamine for osteoarthritis.

Glucosamine For Dog Arthritis

Treat Canine Arthritis Symptoms Safely


  • Safe and All Natural Glucosamine
  • Inexpensive - Full Dose Contains 1500mg
  • Simply Pour It Over Your Dog's Food
  • No Side Effects
  • Beware of Prescribed Drugs!

One of the first considerations before you buy glucosamine is to understand that it comes in two forms. There is the capsule and tablet form and then there is the liquid version of the supplement. The benefits of the capsules and pills are that they are easy to store and transport and can be taken anywhere. The downside to that form of glucosamine is that some people have problems swallowing the capsules. Also, the amount of glucosamine in each tablet is significantly less been a dosage of liquid form. Therefore, it takes quite a few more tablets each day to equal the amount of glucosamine dosages found in a single serving of liquid glucosamine.

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So one of the great benefits for those who buy glucosamine in the liquid form is that a single dosage usually contains a full 1500 mg of product. Whereas the capsules and pills often contain only a few hundred milligrams each. This means that 5 to 6 pills daily would be required to equal the amount of glucosamine in a single dose of the liquid form.

One minor drawback for those who buy glucosamine in the liquid is that many brands require refrigeration after opening. This makes it more difficult take the product with you on trips or to the office. Before buying glucosamine check the label to see whether or not refrigeration is required after you open the product. Many times simply storing the glucosamine in a cool dry place sufficient as one bottle is usually all that is required for the monthly dose.

Another benefit to buying glucosamine liquid is that one can simply pour the product over a salad or into a favorite drink at meal time. This makes it very convenient for taking the supplement versus having to swallow the pills. Also, most of the brands of the supplement in the liquid form, come with a built-in reservoir at the top of the bottle so that all that is required is to squeeze the bottle and fill the reservoir to the required measuring level. And then one can simply pour the contents into a drink or over their favorite food at supper time.

When using the liquid glucosamine for animals such as dogs and cats, the liquid version is much more preferred. When you buy glucosamine for dogs, one consideration is how you will give the product to the dog. If it comes in tablet form, is always an issue for exactly how to get the dog swallow the supplement. Many times you will have to wrap the pill in another food product and give it to the animal like that to chew up and swallow. It's much easier to buy glucosamine in the liquid form if you're going to give it to cats or dogs.

Remember too that glucosamine is a supplement product that does not hide or mask the pain of canine arthritis. It will take several weeks and up to several months of daily supplementation with the product before any significant benefits will be seen as with reduced pain and more flexible joints in dogs. The prescribed medications that veterinarians often give to animals suffering from joint arthritis are meant to actually cover up and diminish the pain artificially. Those prescription medicines do not in any way address the real problem of the degeneration in the breakdown of the cartilage tissue within the dog. We by glucosamine for your pet you are actually helping him or her rebuild the damaged cartilage tissues within their joints that have worn thin due to the canine arthritis.

Some breeds and some specific dogs have more favorable reactions to the glucosamine supplement than others do. In fact, some canines have almost Dracula's reactions which are favorable and free them from pain in just a matter of weeks. On the other hand, some dogs have almost no benefit gained by taking the glucosamine whether in the tablet form or liquid form. It is important that when you begin the supplementation process for glucosamine or any supplement for that matter that you give the product plenty of time for the body to utilize the active ingredients and actually do the work it's supposed to do. Again, it can take several weeks and up to two or three months of daily doses of the glucosamine before benefits can be seen.

Pay attention in the beginning to how your dog is reacting to steps and stairs and exercise in general. Take some notes or even taken video detailing their problems and issues with for example negotiating steps. Then, and several months, after you have continued giving the glucosamine on a daily basis, check your notes are watch the video and compare how your dog is maneuvering in situations now compared to before the glucosamine supplementation took place.

For those who want to buy glucosamine in order to treat their osteoarthritis joint pain, we offer tips and suggestions for which form the by the supplement in.

Visit our website at Cactus Canyon in order to find out more information about were to buy glucosamine and whether or not to purchase the tablet and pill version or the liquid form. Glucosamine is a very safe and all-natural supplement product which is used to treat both human and dog osteoarthritis safely and effectively.

It's important when you buy glucosamine (which is an amino sugar) for your dog who is suffering from joint arthritis that you purchase it from a reputable online dealer. Usually, liquid glucosamine cannot be purchased locally in retail stores because the expiration dates are too short for those big-box retailers to handle. However the bottles you buy online expire 12 to 18 months from the date of purchase and that you have plenty of time is applied your dog with the supplementation.

Buying glucosamine for canine arthritis is one of the most effective and all-natural ways that owners can choose for dealing with their pet's join arthritis. The product is safe and almost 100% free of any negative side effects. For those who buy glucosamine, about the only negative side effect ever reported is perhaps an upset stomach in the beginning. If this is the case, simply cut back on the daily dose for several days and let the dog become used to the product.

One last thing, when you buy glucosamine online, always check to make sure of the shipping policy from the retailer. There are many free shipping offers available where there is no charge to ship the glucosamine direct to your house in the United States.


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