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We've been online with Cactus Canyon since May 2006. Because of the tremendous interest in liquid glucosamine, we have enjoyed great success! We really appreciate our many thousands of customers who have helped us be so successful.

Steve and Kay Weber

Here is Kay mixing her morning drink.

We started selling Synflex first on eBay. We love eBay, but it's a lot of work and the selling fees were just too high. So we decided to go ahead and take the plunge with a Yahoo Store. Yes, Cactus Canyon is a Yahoo Store, but what that really means is that our site is hosted with Yahoo and we use their shopping cart system. It seemed like a big step at first, but last winter we already had built sales to the point where we needed to upgrade to Yahoo's next level of service!

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Syn-flex Liquid Glucosamine

  • Safe and Inexpensive
  • No Side Effects
  • 1500 mg Glucosamine per Dose
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After starting with Synflex, we quickly added Flexicose for our next product. It is another fine liquid glucosamine product. We tried it and gave it to our dogs for a while before selling it. We were pleased with it, and now the majority of our sales are actually Flexicose. Both products are the same price, and we have many customers ask us to mix and match their orders with Flexicose and Synflex.

Next, after hearing an infomercial and ordering it for ourselves, we added Triple Greens to our product line. Triple Greens is GREAT in the mornings. We mix it with some of our other products for a wonderful morning drink mix. It REALLY starts our day out perfect. We have more energy and simply feel so much better because of it. And our sales have been great! We are now getting large shipments from Purity Products (the makers of Triple Greens and Super Reds) several times a month!

Next we started offering organic flax seed meal. We found a source which offers completely organic flax seed meal at reasonable prices! Flax seed is very heart-healthy and tastes great too! We mix three large scoops of flax seed meal into our morning drink. The flax seed provides our morning calories which last us until lunch each day Plus we have the peace of mind knowing we are eating something so healthy!

Our next product was DTC Health's Vitaplen Liquid Multi-Vitamin. We also mix this in with our morning drink. I know our drink sounds like quite a mix, but it tastes really good all mixed up with orange juice. Vitaplen has over 160 vitamins and nutrients and has a great orange flavor. Although we mix ours in our morning drink, many of our customers have told us they like it plain. Even children like the orange taste

Then we added PowerPlus roll-on liquid glucosamine. It's made by the makers of Synflex and is a very powerful product. I know first hand about it! I had a small accident last fall and hurt my shoulder. It kept getting stiffer and stiffer over the next few weeks. It was actually hurting quite a bit. We had just received our first order of PowerPlus, and I tried it. I was amazed! It not only stopped most of the pain, but it stayed away for the rest of the day. And I had the same results over the next few days. Eventually the pain went away for good. Whether it left on its own or because of the PowerPlus, I am not sure. But the pain was eased on a daily basis during the worst of it.

We then added Estroleve Menopause relief supplements. They are all natural capsules which are proving to be a very powerful tool for women dealing with the symptoms of menopause. In light of the recent news about the dangers of hormone replacement therapy, Estroleve is fast becoming a safe and effective alternative women experiencing menopause.

And our latest product has been Super Reds. It is another product by Purity Products and is a lot like Triple Greens, but is jam packed with fruits. Super Reds has those all-important dark fruits for the very best in antioxidant power. Although we mix Super Reds into our morning drink, I often have a scoop in cold water in the evening. One canister will last 30 days. Super Reds and Triple Greens are a great way to get all the fruit and vegetable servings you need each day!

At this time we are now looking for more products. If you have ideas on new products you would like to see us carry, please E-mail Us

Steve and Kay Weber
Cactus Canyon


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