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Canine Arthritis Symptoms

Arthritis is a very common ailment to dogs as it is to people. It can vary from mild to severe forms. An overweight dog is more exposed to arthritis because his joint must bear extra pressure.

Dog arthritis can damage the cartilages same as human arthritis. The good part is that there are several treatments for dog arthritis and also a few natural supplements than can alleviate your dog’s pain. However as a dog owner you have to be able to notice the canine arthritis symptoms so you can take your dog to the veterinary.

Here is a short list of canine arthritis symptoms.

  • Unwilling to jump, play or climb stairs.
  • Limping
  • Difficulty in walking
  • Loss of mobility
  • Joint pain and swellings
  • Inflammations

As long as you know these canine arthritis symptoms you can take your dog to the vet every time he experiences something like this. The vet will diagnose your dog and he will also prescribe a proper treatment for your pet’s problems. You can also buy some dog aspirin to relieve your dog’s pain. Besides reducing the pain, canine aspirin can also deal with the inflammation caused by arthritis.

Glucosamine and other similar supplements are probably the most efficient products you can use to relieve your dog’s pain and also restore his mobility. Glucosamine and chondroitin can regenerate and renew the damaged cartilages. Fatty acids are also recommended for joint lubrication and for improving the health of the joint. These supplements not only deal with the problems caused by arthritis by they also treat the cause of the disease.

Another important thing you can do for your dog’s health is to help him lose some weight as long as he is an overweight dog. Some daily exercise can help your dog loose some pounds and reduce the pressure from his joints. Swimming and long walks are ideal in these cases. Learning more about dog arthritis symptoms can help you treat your pet faster.


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