Cat Teeth Cleaning

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  • Prevents Gum Disease
  • Great Results in 4 to 6 Weeks
  • No Anesthesia Required

Cat Teeth Cleaning

Our pets count on us to take care of their every need. Some pets are more independent than others, though. Cats, for instance, are very independent creatures, and grooming themselves usually takes up the majority of their day. The one area that a feline cannot groom on their own is their teeth. That is where the pet owner comes into play. To keep a cat's pearly whites healthy and strong, a person can use the following instructions on the process of brushing a cat's teeth.

There is a good starting step for an owner to introduce their feline friend to brushing. A person wants to start the training as early as possible in their pet's life. Start out gradually to ensure that the cat adapts comfortably. Here are easy instructions on introducing a cat to teeth cleaning:

Dip a finger into tuna fish juice or warm water. Gently put the finger into the cat's mouth.
Begin by massaging the gums and running the finger over a couple of teeth at a time.
Continue this step until the cat is comfortable with it, which can be judged by its attitude.

Once the owner and his or her feline buddy are smoothly running through the starting process, then it is time for the next step. Cat teeth's cleaning is important, but the owner must be certain that their pet is comfortable before moving to the next step! Be sure to show praise and love during all of the training processes.

For the next steps the owner will need to have a few things handy for properly cleaning their cat's teeth:

  • gauze
  • a baby finger toothbrush
  • pet teeth cleaning gel

After the feline is accustommed to brushing with a finger, the owner can move forward in the cat's teeth cleaning process by wrapping the finger in gauze. The guaze will help the animal get used to the feel of something foreign in its mouth. A person can continue using water or tuna fish juice with this, also. Carefully brush the teeth and gums; be sure to offer praise all the while.

Once the cat is calm with the gauzed finger technique, the owner can introduce the baby toothbrush into the routine. A baby toothbrush slips onto a person't finger, so the size difference will not be too noticeable. As before, gently brush the teeth in circular motions, as well as the gums. As with the previous steps mentioned, a person can still use the water or tuna fish juice to keep their pet happy.

Finally, the pet toothpaste can be added to the mix. Use only specially formulated pet toothpaste! Human toothpaste can cause an animal to get sick, so using it should be avoided! Do not overload cat, at first. Only use a small amount until the animal gets used to the taste and feel of the toothpaste. A pet owner can purchase toothpaste from their veterinarian made especially for cat teeth cleaning.

Following these simple instructions should make cleaning a cat's teeth an easy routine to get into. If possible, brush the cat's teeth on a daily basis to keep the plaque build up down. A yearly check up with a veterinarian is also advised for good dental health of a pet.


Petzlife Dog Teeth Cleaning


"I have used your product for a week on my pet's teeth that was covered in hard plaque and last night I was able to, with my fingernail, pluck that hard plaque off of her teeth.

The Vet had recommended putting her to sleep to clean her teeth and my has seizures and we did not want to take a chance on her not awakening so we decided to try your product ...really not thinking that it would work.

But it did! Now my dog’s teeth are on their way to being good as new and her breath does not stink anymore, also she act’s like she feels much better just like she is a new dog.

Thanks a lot and we are going to try other products that you offer."

Steve Durham
iberty, KY


Completely Safe for Cats!
100% All Natural



I bought the PetzLife oral care gel for my two dogs last week, I have used it at night for 4 nights and have already noticed a big difference in my 12 year olds teeth, she had a lot of plaque and tarter in the very back and it is over half way gone, Because of the age of my older dog and my 4 year old has had a couple of seizures I was so worried to have them put under to have their teeth cleaned. I'm so happy I found this product.  

Laurie M.

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Dog Teeth Cleaning Gel


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