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  • Cat Teeth Cleaning Dissolves Tartar
  • Stops Your Cat's Bad Breath
  • Cures Feline Gum Disease
  • Great Results in a Just Weeks
  • No Harmful Anesthesia Required

Why Should You Clean
Your Cat's Teeth?

There are several reasons why cats can loose appetite. One of these reasons is the conditions of cat’s teeth. Since cats can’t brush their teeth daily, the health of their teeth is very fragile. When you take your kitty to the veterinary for the annual health check, the condition of the cat’s gums and teeth and gums will be examined as well.

The vet will recommend you to clean your cat’s teeth periodically. In addition the veterinary might recommend you to include biscuits in your cat’s food because biscuits can help on cleaning a cat’s teeth. If your cat breath starts to smell bad or the gums start bleeding than you should know that something’s wrong with your cat’s teeth.

So, what can you do? There are some pet companies that provide dental care services. They scrape your cat’s teeth with a sharp scale without performing anesthesia. This treatment can help your cat eat again and also have good looking teeth. However this kind of treatment can damage the enamel layer of the teeth which may lead to the reappearance of tartar.

Therefore the best way to clean your cat’s teeth is to go to a veterinary which will perform a complete teeth cleaning while your cat is anaesthetized. The veterinary uses equipment, similar to the one used by the dentists. While your cat is sleeping the vet can perform a complete cleaning of all teeth surfaces including gums and below gums. After cleaning the teeth, the vet will polish them to prevent the reappearance of tartar. Then they can perform a fluoride treatment to prevent cavities. BEWARE!!! That procedure is costly and can be very dangerous for older cats! There are safer ways to clean your cat’s teeth!

How can you help your cat form home? The best thing you can do is to brush your cat’s teeth daily and also check for any signs of gum illness. To clean your cat’s teeth you’ll need a special brush and toothpaste that you can provide form your cat’s veterinary. Don’t brush your cat’s teeth with toothpaste designed for human use. The purpose of teeth brushing is to remove plaque and prevent any teeth and gum diseases. Even if plaque is soft, it can quickly solidify and become tartar.

Removing the plaque from the tartar is very difficult. You must brush your cat’s teeth at a 45 degrees angle, moving the brush gently from the front teeth to the back ones. Start using a cat teeth cleaning gel after your cat gets used with teeth brushing. To help a cat get used with teeth brushing, you should start performing this task while their still kitties. You should also reward your cat for good behavior.

I hope you found these tips useful and that cat teeth cleaning is not a problem for you any more.


Petzlife Dog Teeth Cleaning


"I have used your product for a week on my pet's teeth that was covered in hard plaque and last night I was able to, with my fingernail, pluck that hard plaque off of her teeth.

The Vet had recommended putting her to sleep to clean her teeth and my has seizures and we did not want to take a chance on her not awakening so we decided to try your product ...really not thinking that it would work.

But it did! Now my dog’s teeth are on their way to being good as new and her breath does not stink anymore, also she act’s like she feels much better just like she is a new dog.

Thanks a lot and we are going to try other products that you offer."

Steve Durham
iberty, KY


Completely Safe for Cats!
100% All Natural



I bought the PetzLife oral care gel for my two dogs last week, I have used it at night for 4 nights and have already noticed a big difference in my 12 year olds teeth, she had a lot of plaque and tarter in the very back and it is over half way gone, Because of the age of my older dog and my 4 year old has had a couple of seizures I was so worried to have them put under to have their teeth cleaned. I'm so happy I found this product.  

Laurie M.

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Dog Teeth Cleaning Gel


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