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CocoPure Chocolate

CocoPure The Chocolate Superfood by Dr. Alex Duarte and New Vitality - 222 Grams

Chocolate, one of the main ingredients in a CocoPure Chocolate Tea, is one of the most misunderstood foods. It contains over 4000 mg of very concentrated cocoa which includes high levels of flavanoieds. Coco Pure Tea offers a real powerhouse of anti-oxidant protection which guards against the damage caused by free radicals.


Steve and Kay's Instant Mocha Recipe

Mocha Mix
•    1/2 cup white sugar
•    1 cup dry milk powder
•    1 cup powdered non-dairy French Vanilla creamer (low fat)
•    1/2 cup CocoPure
•    1/4 cup instant coffee granules (add or take away to taste)
•    1/2 tsp. of cinnamon

1.    In a large bowl, combine sugar, milk powder, creamer, cocoa and instant
coffee. Mix together until well blended. Store in a sealed container.
2.    To serve, Heat a cup of water per serving (or milk, for a creamier
taste.) Stir in 1 to 2 heaping teaspoons of cocoa mixture.


For many years, there has always been a misconception about CocoPure Chocolate because of their chocolate ingredients. CocoPure Chocolate has a high level of concentrated coco. The amount is as high as 4000mg, which also contains flavonoids in a good amount. CocoPure Chocolate is a very good choice for the people as it serves our body fighting against the damaging free radicals.

Other chocolate products such as bars, ice creams or some others are different from this CocoPure Chocolate tea, as they do not have such huge percentage of anti oxidants inside. Chocolate products are always different and habitually carry no such useful product for human body. This time conventional theory has changed. CocoPure Chocolate tea has become most favorite chocolate products for the health conscious people.

Potential benefits that are served by CocoPure Chocolate tea include healthier cardiac health, enhanced and rapid blood flow arterial states and some other else. Ingredients like green tea and soluble fibers have modified this drink and made it a perfect drink for many people. Several standard and excellent medical journals have showed that CocoPure Chocolate tea is a very useful product in all circumstances. CocoPure Chocolate tea is a must prescription from the health professionals.

CocoPure chocolate tea has some great features; it is extremely low calorie and sugar-free. Nowadays it is used as an effective drink for the weight loss programs. In most of the cases, there are some prescribed meals for loosing weight. CocoPure chocolate is certainly one of them. It is the best one perhaps; as it cut short your weight and reduces your appetite without much hampering you health status. Doctors and proficient health professionals recommend CocoPure Chocolate tea as a harmless health drink. For weight loss programs, CocoPure Chocolate tea is certified as the utmost product that will be safe for use.

From the very beginning, people have bad impressions about chocolate products as they had some negative effects. After researches, some concise publications have showed that pure coco extracts are very effective for organ functioning of a human body. Chocolates might be harmful to some extents, but CocoPure Chocolate tea is certainly the best health-conscious part of chocolate products. Healthier heart, streamline blood circulation system and optimum digestive system status have made CocoPure Chocolate tea, the best product among all.

Physicians recommend CocoPure Chocolate because of their nutritive components. The values are very high in this CocoPure Chocolate tea. Moreover, CocoPure Chocolate tea has become very famous, as it is great at taste and unique at appearances. People from all over the world have accepted CocoPure Chocolate tea as their preferred health drink.


People have thought chocolates as harmful products since long. It was certainly a misunderstanding for CocoPure Chocolate tea also as it contains coco products also rich with flavonoids. Concentrated pure coco extraction is very healthy product for all the people as it contains useful antioxidants at a higher amount of 4000mg. CocoPure Chocolate tea fight against the free radicals, which are very harmful for human body.

CocoPure Chocolate tea is certainly different from all other chocolate products. They have certain features that have made it a great health drink for all. It is very different from chocolate bars, chocolate ice creams or some other chocolate derivatives. Chocolate products that are present in CocoPure Chocolate are pure extraction and have number of antioxidants present inside.

There are some other benefits also in CocoPure Chocolate tea because of their ingredients. Green tea and soluble fibers are present in this CocoPure Chocolate and makes it a unique one. The unique features have made it possible to be prescribed as a principle drink from the certified health experts. Cardiovascular diseases and other internal systems of human body react positively on application of CocoPure Chocolate tea. Numbers of journals and research papers have showed that CocoPure Chocolate tea is a perfect health drink for the people of all ages.

CocoPure chocolate tea is a low caloric drink, which is always used in different weight loose projects. Without causing much harm, CocoPure chocolate helps to limit their bulks. CocoPure chocolate tea is a perfect drink in between two successive regular meals as it can easily lower the calorie storage level inside the body. CocoPure chocolate tea has a very little amount of calorie and other heavy products for humans. As the best way of weight loss project CocoPure chocolate tea is widely used everywhere. Easy process of calorie shortening- it is the perfect name for CocoPure chocolate tea.

Since a long time chocolate products have recommended intake rates as they are thought as harmful products. Different researches and publications have made the theory changed. Though coco is coming from the same source, it has a high antioxidant value and doctors and other health professionals have recommended it as a regular health drink because of its harmless manners. This drink also has positive effects on the organ systems of a human body. CocoPure Chocolate is very effective to maintain a well functioning human body.

CocoPure Chocolate tea is a drink with high nutritive value. It helps people in many ways. Apart from its usefulness, the product has become very popular due to its unique taste, which allured people from all races.

CocoPure is made up of highly concentrated cocoa. We are not talking about milk chocolate bars, chocolate ice cream, chocolate candies nor white chocolate. Unlike the cocoa found in CocoPure Tea, the chocolate found in these products does not provide an antioxidant protection found with pure cocoa.


Additionally, the healthy benefits of cocoa in CocoPure chocolate tea has been modified to include green tea and soluble fiber. This makes for a very unique, combination of healthy nutrients which support cardiovascular health, enhanced blood flow, artery health, digestive and immune system support, and added energy. The healthy benefits of cocoa found in CocoPure Chocolate have been published in many prestigious publications in the United States and abroad. Countless physicians and medical groups all concur concerning the benefits of including cocoa in the diet.


Perhaps best of all CocoPure chocolate is very low in calories. Many users, in fact, use CocoPure chocolate as an effective method for curbing their appetite. CocoPure provides a satisfying and healthy between meal snack which can eliminate over eating between meals. Because CocoPure Chocolate Tea has virtually no calories it can be taken as often as needed to suppress the appetite. Many people may use CocoPure with yogurt or in smoothies in place of other high calorie ingredients. This makes for a very painless method of cutting many thousands of calories per month from a typical diet. Cutting calories, along with plenty of exercise, is of course the best method for losing weight.

Remember that in the past dentist, doctors, and even your mother have all considered chocolate to be a junk food. However, they were not speaking of the pure cocoa found in CocoPure Chocolate Tea. They were referring to milk chocolate products found in the many unhealthy foods listed above. Cocoa, in its purest form, has long been associated to with increased energy levels, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, enhancing blood flow, and maintaining a healthy heart. CocoPure Chocolate contains the cocoa which provides a always benefits and also tastes great.

Some people worry about the caffeine content in cocoa products. Rest assured that the caffeine levels are quite low. Additionally CocoPure Tea contains no added sugar, no preservatives, and no fat. You can drink it several times a day without any worries which come from consuming product with these added unhealthy ingredients.

Many people ask the question if all chocolate comes from the same source. Well, yes it does. However the chocolate found in such things as chocolate bars, chocolate syrup, and chocolate candy bars has been so diluted with other ingredients, preservatives, fats, and plain old sugar, that it loses most of its effectiveness.


The ORAC value of CocoPure Chocolate to 5250 per 7.4 g. For those who understand ORAC values they will see this is extraordinarily high. This concentration is even higher than almost every fruit and vegetable consumed in North American diet. The antioxidants found in cocoa effectively neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals. Free radicals make the body more susceptible to disease and premature aging.

Remember that CocoPure Tea also has green tea as an added ingredient. Green tea has also long been known for its antioxidant power. The concentration of green tea in each serving of CocoPure is equivalent to several cups of green tea.

In summary, let's review many of the benefits which can be enjoyed by drinking CocoPure Tea.

CocoPure Chocolate Tea is excellent supplement for aiding in weight loss.

The high antioxidant levels aid in fighting many diseases and slowing the aging process.

Increased blood flow, healthier heart, healthier immune systems, increased energy, and increasing the immune systems ability to fight diseases are some of the most important benefit of drinking CocoPure Chocolate Tea.

And of course perhaps one of the best benefits of all for drinking it is how great it tastes!


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