Cure Bad Breath in My Dog

Does your dog have bad breath?

Bad breath isn’t just part of being a dog. It smells bad, but that isn’t the reason to be worried about bad breath in dogs. It is very important to deal with bad breath in dogs because it is very dangerous and can even be fatal.  Bad breath in dogs is an early sign of a severe gum infection. Tartar builds up on dogs’ teeth just as it does on yours. That tartar buildup harbors bacteria. It is that bacteria that makes bad breath.  If the bacteria become overabundant in the dog’s mouth, they can infect not only the teeth, but the gums as well. The bacteria can also travel to other parts of the body and infect healthy tissue and organs.

Tarter can harbor bacteria which can cause gum disease. This bacteria causes bad breath!

In just three weeks our oral gel care can clean your dog's teeth and restor healthy gums.



After Three Weeks

Older dogs are more at risk for this problem because they have years of tarter buildup. At each vet visit, a dog’s teeth and gums will be checked for any problems. If the vet sees a potential problem, a course of action will be suggested so the problem doesn’t become harmful to your dog. One treatment involves anesthetizing your dog. Beware of this treatment because it is traumatic to the dog and can even cause death. Many loved pets have died from even small doses of anesthesia for routine treatments.  Some dogs, and people, do not react well to anesthesia and have adverse reactions.

Oral Care Spray: $22.95
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Just as in your own mouth, it is easier to prevent bad breath in dogs than it is to treat it. If you can get cavities and need painful dental procedures, so can your dog. With our Petzlife products, you can safely prevent and maintain good oral health for your dog. It may sound strange and complicated to brush your dog’s teeth, but you don’t need to brush a dog’s teeth twice a day as people do. You only need to brush your dog’s teeth 2 or 3 times a week to keep their teeth healthy.  With some dogs, tooth maintenance can be as simple as using the Petzlife spray once every other day.  Even if your dog needs treatment more often to maintain good oral health, it is much safer than risking anesthesia and its possible harmful sided effects just to keep your dog’s teeth clean.  Petzlife also helps make bad breath in dogs virtually disappear.

In addition to using the Petzlife spray, you can offer chew toys and chew bones to your dog. Chewing on these toys helps to scrape the tarter off their teeth. Be sure that any bones you offer your dog are not cooked. Raw bones are easier to digest and do not splinter.  Be sure that the raw bones offered to your dog will not break off into large chunks that can easily become a choking hazard for your dog.  They may not work as well as brushing the dog’s teeth does to stop bad breath in dogs, but it will help keep the tarter off of the teeth.

By noticing bad breath in your dog and dealing with it early, you can prevent the need for more severe and dangerous treatments to correct health problems that the bad breath is often an early sign for.  Our dog teeth cleaning products are all natural and 100% safe.  The ingredients are all natural so that they will not cause any harm to your pet. When used on a regular basis, bad breath in dogs, and the more severe health problems that bad breath can signal, can virtually be eliminated.

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