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Have you ever wondered why so many canines today are suffering from dog arthritis? The reason is quite the same as to why humans suffer from many more diseases than they once did many generations ago. The simple fact is that dogs just like people are living much longer today than ever before. This in turn gives many diseases that may never have showed up in the past time to actually develop within our bodies.

Glucosamine For Dog Arthritis

Treat Canine Arthritis Symptoms Safely


Our canine friends today are living longer than ever. It's not uncommon for some animals to live to be well into their teens and even approaching 20 years of age. This is quite old for any canine. It is said that a dogs year is equivalent to seven human years. However, our veterinarian told us that when a dog is around 15 to 16 years old, that each year is more like 10 or 12 years of aging in humans. This is why you see a rapid degeneration of a dog's health around 15 or 16 years old. In fact, comparing wild canines and their age, is quite Barak you list that are four-legged friends who live with us live to be so long. It simply a result of a great diet, and easy lifestyle, and regular trips to the veterinarian. Of course there are also the issues of the many vaccines are dogs take today which protects them from many diseases that kill their wild cousins along with simple dog arthritis disease.

So dog arthritis is one of those conditions that usually doesn't show up in wild canines because they don't live long enough. Life in the wild is quite difficult and animals such as words and coyotes cannot be expected to live more than around 10 years old. And it's only around 10 years old that in our domesticated canines that arthritis tends to start showing up. Sure, some dogs develop it before this age, but generally the worst of the symptoms only begin occurring around 10 or 11 and worsen with every passing year. Dog arthritis is a debilitating disease which has no cures.

There are supplement products available however they can minimize the consequences and pain which the disease causes. It should also be noted that veterinarians sometimes suggest giving animals prescription medications to offset the effects of dog arthritis. If this is the case with your vet, be sure and ask him or her about the possible side effects that these prescription medications may cause. You can also look up the effects of these prescribed medicines online and see that there are significant and severe affects sometimes. In fact, many animals have died from the side effects of these dog arthritis drugs.

That's why it's very important for pet owners to understand the necessity of at least trying an all-natural supplement like glucosamine for dogs before giving their animal possibly dangerous prescription drugs. Many dogs respond extremely favorable to the all-natural glucosamine supplementation process and prescription medications are not required in their cases. But of course always consult your veterinarian and ask plenty of questions if you suspect your dog has arthritis.

Also, it's very important that your older dog remain at a very thin and healthy level. Overweight dogs suffering from arthritis have a more difficult time with the disease because they are having to carry around extra weight on a daily basis. This added weight simply causes more stress and strain on the already diseased joints.

One very important thing that pet owners must understand is to only provide enough food for their dogs to sustain themselves without gaining weight in their later years. Dog arthritis is something that has no cure but can be controlled using the right techniques and the right supplement products such as liquid glucosamine.


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