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Dog Arthritis Pain

It's very difficult to see your beloved pet and each in its later years suffer from dog arthritis pain. Almost all dogs will suffer from this joint disease to some extent in their later years. The arthritis is more common and more severe in the larger breed dogs and dogs who are overweight. The reason for this is that the arthritis pain is more aggravated in dogs to carry more weight whether they are simply a larger breed war have excess fat they must support.

Canine owners must understand there are no cures for dog arthritis. Just like in humans the arthritis is something that must be controlled and cannot be eliminated and will usually only become more severe with age. It is possible however to mitigate the amount of pain your dog suffers from the arthritis.

During his or her older years your dog may become less active and have difficulty doing such things as climbing stairs and playing aggressively as he used to. Often times you will see your dog limping for no apparent reason. When you observe these signs of possible arthritis setting in it's important to take your canine to the vet for a full check up. If your veterinarian points out that your pet is suffering from dog arthritis pain he or she will then discuss with you the possible supplements and medications your dog can take to alleviate some of the pain. Again, remember there are no cures for arthritis; there are only methods to deal with the disease which can make your dog more comfortable and suffer less pain as he or she ages.

The first course of action when your canine is suffering from dog arthritis pain should be to consider an all-natural supplement product such as glucosamine. This product is 100% safe and virtually without any dangerous side effects. It does not however, act to read the dog of any pain immediately. It may take many weeks or months before any relief from the dog joint pain is observed. This is because the glucosamine is actually rebuilding damaged joints instead of simply masking the pain.

On the other hand, dog arthritis pain can be almost instantly diminished by some of the many prescription medications the vet may suggest. However, along with these very successful drugs, comes with them potentially dangerous and sometimes even fatal side effects. Canine owners must be aware of all the symptoms and signs these side effects may create. Be sure the veterinarian points out all the possible negative symptoms in side effects so that you may stop giving your dog these medications immediately if anyside effects are seen.

Dog arthritis pain is a horrible condition to watch as it progresses through an older dogs life. It must be remembered by canine owners that it's simply a part of growing old in those dogs, as well as people, will suffer from these joint problems. The best a canine owner can do to alleviate the dog arthritis pain is to make the dog as comfortable as possible with the safest and most effective supplements or drugs.



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