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Clean Your Canine's Teeth

Nowadays there is no need for your dog to suffer with oral disease. There are products available in most pet stores that will remove tartar build-up and plaque. Biochemists and naturopathic practitioners have made leaps and bounds medically to make it possible for dog owners to clean their pet's teeth at home instead of paying an arm and a leg for professional care. A veterinarian diagnosis should first be made, however. If harmful bacteria has caused much damage, bleeding gums, loose teeth, etc., it is advisable to follow his or her advice on what you need to do. Anesthesia can be hazardous, especially for an older dog and tests will need to be made by your veterinarian before any decision is made.

Petzlife Dog Teeth Cleaning


Once you get the go ahead for cleaning your dog's teeth at home, look into the various products and choose whichever suits you. There are gels and sprays which include neem oil, thyme oil and grape-seed extract. GSE is almost 100% poly-phenols, which is a strong fighter of bacterial strains.

It penetrates the film surrounding bacteria and does a great job of breaking it down. The spray is similar to the gel, in that the ingredients mix with the dog's saliva and have a remarkable affect over time. It is suggested that you clean his teeth last thing at night and remove his water-dish, replacing it first thing in the morning.

If you dog is sensitive to the sound of the spray, bear this in mind when choosing which to use. Sitting close, eye to eye preferably, put a dab of gel on your finger. Let your dog smell and taste this first. Then, with fingers on your other hand lift and pull back his upper lip.

Starting at the back with the molars, run your finger with the gel all the way along the top teeth to the front. Praise him before repeating this on lower lip. Stop, praise and continue the same on the other side. Do not take more time than necessary doing this, but repeat the whole process every night until your dog is comfortable with this new experience. When you feel the time is right, introduce the toothbrush. This may take a few days. Sometimes a dog will be resistant to the toothbrush and you could try a finger-brush which is far less 'invasive'. Make this a playful, fun time for you both.

Your dog will soon expect this 'treat', and by choosing this method of oral care at home you will be saving a lot of money and spending more quality time together. These days there are different options for maintaining canine oral health. There are numerous products on the market that can be easily found and used to remove plaque and tartar build-up.

This is because dog owners have sought a method of taking care of their pets' teeth themselves rather than pay the high cost of professional periodontal care. Anesthesia is potentially dangerous too. Naturopathic practitioners and biochemists whose main concern is the nutrition and health of our pets have come up with oral sprays and gels that not only get rid of harmful bacteria, but also break down the existing plaque and prevent new tartar build-up from forming.

The ingredients in these sprays and gels include grapeseed extract, thyme oil and neem oil. The grapeseed extract, or GSE, provides nearly 100% poly phenols which fights strongly with bacterial strains. Also, GSE is able to penetrate the bio film surrounding the bacteria.

Both sprays and gels work together with dogs' saliva and have proved to be ideal products with remarkable affects on dogs' teeth when used consistently. Whether you choose the spray or the gel depends on whatever is most comfortable for you to use. The spray is quicker but your dog may be upset by the noise it makes.

The gel can be placed on a finger and swiped quickly along the gum-line, or else with a toothbrush. Cleaning your dogs' teeth with a toothbrush can take some time to master, especially if he is an older dog. Lots of patience and praise should be given.

Practice with a little gel on your finger and allow him to lick it off. Repeat this every day for a few days until you feel he is ready for the toothbrush. Clean one tooth at a time, stop, praise and repeat. Some dogs are just resistant to this new experience but rather than give up and quit, use your finger with the gel and be consistent.

This should be fun and beneficial for you both. Soon, your best friend will begin to enjoy something new you can do together. Periodontal disease affects most dogs as they get older and is progressive. The choice is either to wait until our loved ones are in pain with bleeding gums, loose teeth and an expensive course of treatment, or gently clean his teeth at home with highly recommended products that are beneficial in reducing plaque and maintaining healthy gums and teeth for life.


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