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Canine oral health

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Oral health in dogs is important to maintain canine mouth health. This orally located disease is caused by Tartar build-up forms plaque, and plaque on canine teeth will mineralize and create harmful bacteria on the dog's teeth which, if neglected, can affect the heart and kidneys and the caine teeth of your pet. When you first enjoy having a puppy, oral disease is the least of your worries and brushing the teeth can be learned quickly to prevent oral disease in dogs. Then it is best to clean your dog's teeth regularly, at least three times a week, in order to prevent tartar forming in older dogs. Another canine good oral teeth cleaning tip is a good nutritional dog food will provide plenty of vitamins and minerals, and there are many tasty chews to give as treats to aid in the cleaning of your dog's teeth. All dogs love raw bones and they are great for oral hygiene. These work well for pet dental cleaning. They are happy with them and the scraping and gnawing will take off a lot of tartar to aid in dental health. Beef soup bones or marrow bones are good. Never give cooked bones for cleaning canine teeth.

Need more hints for dog dental care? If your dog is older, a visit to the veterinarian is advised for learning about caring for his teeth, so that he or she can diagnose any oral health problems, along with any recommendations and or treatment. If periodontal disease is present, gingivitis, bleeding gums, loose teeth or 'pockets' in the gums, professional help will be best. Signs of any discomfort will be obvious to you before this occurs. Bad breath is a tell-tale sign that the teeth need cleaning.

Learning how to clean your dog's teeth is not only advisable, but should be fun and quality time for you both. It is preferable to do this last thing at night after his last drink. Gels, sprays and dog-toothpastes available nowadays work best with saliva and can do the job of breaking down the tartar all night.

Have your dog sit close by and with one hand gently lift and pull back his upper lip. With a little gel or toothpaste on your finger of the other hand, allow him to smell and taste it first, then run your finger along his teeth. Relax, praise him and repeat this on the lower lip. Plenty of patience and praise is required but the benefits far outweigh painful and costly veterinarian bills. Spend a few minutes having fun and do the same thing on the other side. This may take a few days or even a week or two before your dog is comfortable with this new habit. It is important not to rush, push or be aggressive in any way whatsoever.

When you feel the time is right, introduce either a dog toothbrush or a finger-brush with gel or toothpaste. Personally, I prefer the finger-brush as it allows for more control. Gently clean one or two teeth at a time in a circular motion, making sure you reach as far below the gum line as possible. Never give human toothpaste as dogs cannot spit and it's bad for them to swallow.

Cleaning your dog's teeth every day should be as important as cleaning your own. Once you're both used to the experience it can be done quickly and should be fun and beneficial for you both.

Canine oral health can be easily and inexpensively achieved and maintained at home.


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