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Dog joint pain: Does Glucosamine Work or Have Side Effects?

I know quite a lot about dog joint pain. I not only learn much about this topic for my old dog, Storm, but since him my wife and I have owned numerous dogs who also suffered from pain in your joints due to arthritis as they aged.

The first thing you must understand about pain experienced by your dog is that they handle pain and experience it in a completely different way than humans. I'll give you an example. One time one of our dogs sliced their toe wide-open on a piece of glass. We took him to the vet but the vet said there wasn't much that can be done about it and he could not stitch up the toe. If a human had one of their toes cut as bad as this was it would have completely incapacitated him. But this dog pretty much went about his business as if nothing was wrong. We can therefore surmise that when a dog does exhibit joint pain it must therefore be rather severe by human standards.

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Sore and painful joints in dogs are almost always caused by some form of arthritis. The most common form found in older dogs is osteoarthritis. Almost all dogs as they age will develop this disease to some extent. The amount of dog joint pain experienced is related to how severe the disease has progressed. Arthritis, in some cases, can become extremely debilitating to older canines. The first sign of dog joint pain is often witnessed when the dog has difficulty in negotiating stairs or jumping up on furniture or beds. Often times the pain and joint causes the dog to whimper slightly when rising from a sitting position. Sometimes the whimpering may result from simply touching the affected areas.

Often times the joint pain in dogs is concentrated in the hip area. Joint arthritis seems to be most common in older dogs in the hips. Sore and painful hip joints in dogs prevents them from sitting in lying down as they used to. Additionally, the painful hip joints can prevent them from squatting and grouping as they used to. One of our old dogs have arthritis in his hip joints so bad that he simply would walk into the same time without ever squatting.

Canine joint pain can be alleviated to some degree by natural supplements and other medications. Liquid glucosamine is a product that aids in the rebuilding and repair of damaged joint tissue due to the onset of osteoarthritis. The glucosamine does not get rid of the pain immediately. Instead index to rebuild the joint areas which prevents pain in the future.

There are prescription medications and even aspirin that will in fact get rid of the pain almost immediately. However giving your pet these medicines to slow or get rid of his dog joint pain can be dangerous. Many of these prescription drugs have dangerous side effects. In fact, many of them have even been known to result in the death of the canine. Always check with your veterinarian before giving your dog aspirin or other prescription medications in order to find out what the side effects can be.

Dog joint pain is often a fact of life as your canine ages. Although its cause, osteoarthritis, cannot be cured it can be controlled to some extent by various supplements and medications and provide the dog with a longer happier and healthier life.


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