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Dog Limping

Of course there can be many causes for dog limping. But in this article I will detail the most common reasons which may be causing a lamp in your older dog. By far, the greatest possibility for the source of limping would be the onset of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is extremely common in almost every dog will suffer from it to some degree later in their life.

Oftentimes the pet owner will observe their dog limping for no apparent reason. Other times it can be obvious why the dog may appear to be lame. During excessive play time dogs can of course twist and sprain their joints just like we humans can. Those are normal and natural causes for limping and not what this article is about. It's quite common in older dogs to observe wimping for no reasons that can be determined.

It's at those times when you see your dog limping who has not sprained or strained his joints that you know of that it is probably a sign of dog arthritis. This joint disease which is common, especially in the larger breed dogs, can definitely cause enough pain in the dog's joints for there to be limping. The arthritis disease, which causes a degeneration of the cushioning joint cartilage tissue, is extremely common in larger and older dogs. This degeneration allows the bones in the joints to rub together during movement. Since the bones contain live nerve tissues, this rubbing together causes a significant pain. This pain is what can result in the dog limping.

If you observe any type of lameness or limping in your dog take him or her to the veterinarian for a full check out. It's quite likely that the vet will prescribe or suggest any number of all-natural supplements or medications. The limping could subside in a matter of days or weeks with many of these supplementation products or medications. Of course the more severe the pain is a more severe than limping is in your dog. It's important to note that there is no cure for what is causing the dog limping, which is arthritis. All you can do is try to mediate the pain as much as possible and make the dog as comfortable as can be during his or her later years.

Be aware that the all-natural supplement products such as liquid glucosamine will not have an immediate effect on preventing your dog from limping. The reason for this is that the glucosamine does not hide the pain or get rid of the pain right away. Instead, indexed to rebuild the tissue and thus prevent the bones rubbing together. This of course can take several weeks to several months depending on the severity of the arthritis condition.

On the other hand, prescribe medications may act almost immediately to stop dog limping. However, many of these drugs which are prescribed can also have significant side effects which can have extremely adverse reactions to your pet and some of them have even been known to cause death in some dogs. It's important to understand the possible side effects and what to watch out for before beginning your dog on a round of these prescribed medications. Dog limping can be managed safely and effectively if the owner understands the source and all the ramifications of the many options available.


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