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Clean Dog Teeth Without Anesthetic

Home teeth cleaning is the perfect preventive way to care for your dog’s
teeth without anesthesia. Petzlife has an easy to apply gel and spray to
keep your pet’s teeth in pearly white condition. These products are all
natural and have no side affects. An additional benefit is the cost… these
products are only a tiny fraction of the cost of a professional teeth
cleaning from your vet.

Petzlife works for both dogs and cats. It kills bacteria and removes
tarter / plaque resulting in a fresher breath and an improved pearly
smile while preventing decay of dog teeth. You will notice a significant difference in the oral health of your
pet within a few weeks of daily use.


Cat Teeth Cleaning Here

Remove Tartar WITHOUT
Dangerous (and costly) Anesthesia!

Petzlife Products are
100% Natural and Safe

  • Destroys Plaque and Tarter Safely
  • Limits Germs and Stops Bad Breath
  • Heals and Stops Disease of the Gums
  • Great Results in Two to Three Weeks
  • Don't Risk Anesthesia!
  • Works Great for Dogs and Cats

"I have used your product for a week on my dog’s teeth that was covered in hard plaque and last night I was able to, with my fingernail, pluck that hard plaque off of her teeth.

The Vet had recommended putting her to sleep to clean her teeth and my dog has seizures and we did not want to take a chance on her not awakening so we decided to try your product ...really not thinking that it would work.

But it did! Now my dog’s teeth are on their way to being good as new and her breath does not stink anymore, also she act’s like she feels much better just like she is a new dog.

Thanks a lot and we are going to try other products that you offer."

Steve Durham
iberty, KY


How important is dog dental cleaning?

70% of cats and 80% of dogs show signs of oral disease by 3 years of age
according to the American Veterinary Medical Association.

It’s a fact that the condition of your dog’s teeth affects the quality of
his/her life and will continue to do so far many years to come. Very few
people would consider not taking care of their families teeth an option,
but we neglect the dental hygiene of our pets. Tarter build-up will lead
to an infected mouth… teeth as well as gums!

That infection can result in huge problems like bone infections and tooth loss. Infected gums and sockets in the mouth can cause heart and liver infection from bacteria overload. So to answer the question on the importance of clean teething – yes it’s absolutely one of the best things you can do for your pet’s

According to Research, veterinarians report that the number one diagnosed
health problem is oral disease in both cats and dogs. Infections of the
teeth – gums – mouth can lead to major problems. Bacteria build-up leads
to oral disease and increases the risk for infection in other parts of the
body / organs, such as the liver, kidneys and heart.

Why not just have their teeth cleaned at the vet?

Many pet owners tend to wait years until there is serious plague build-up and then schedule with a vet for a “routine” teeth cleaning. I can’t tell you
how many horror stories that began in just that same fashion – routine
teeth cleaning. There are risks with all medical procedures when the
patient is “put to sleep”. The risks include, but are not limited to,
reactions to anesthesia, organ failure and even death. According to one
source, “anesthesia scaling results in 1 in 400 dogs die and 1 in 8
suffers side effects from anesthesia”.

Dog teeth cleaning without anesthesia is not only safer but it works!
Petzlife is a 100% natural alternative to putting your pet under anesthetic.

It’s guaranteed to work!

I’m going out on a limb here, but if it doesn’t work for you…
you didn’t use it!


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