Dog Teeth Scaling Dangers

It is very common today for veterinarians to recommend dog teeth scaling for canine oral disease prevention and that it be done on a regular basis in order to maintain healthy and clean dog teeth. The process involves putting the dog under general anesthetic while the technician scrapes and grinds the tartar and plaque from the teeth. It is highly effective for cleaning canine teeth, but it does have significant problems and sometimes serious side effects.

One of the first considerations before having your dog undergo teeth scaling is the fact that the cost can be quite high in some parts of the country. Although it seems unclear as to why there is such a difference in costs, depending upon where you live, the fee for the scaling can range from $150-$300 and sometimes even higher. Since this is suggested to be a yearly procedure for your animal, this can add significantly to your overall cost of owning the pet.

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But besides the costs, there are other issues dog owners should understand before consenting to the procedure for cleaning their canines teeth. First and foremost, just the fact that general anesthesia is used on the animal is something that all pet owners should be concerned about. This is especially true for older dogs who may be highly sensitive to the anesthetic and could have serious and sometimes fatal reactions. This is a serious procedure that should not be taken lightly by the canine's owner as there are many reported instances of dogs dying while under general anesthetic. Small dogs especially are extremely vulnerable and susceptible to this type of procedure and many vets will not or for dog teeth scaling on extremely small dogs for this reason.

Another issue to consider concerning dog teeth scaling is that antibiotics must be prescribed and given to the animal for 10 days after the process is complete. The reason for this is that there are large amounts of bacteria in the dogs mouth and the teeth scaling process usually results in bleeding in the gums which could allow this bacteria to enter the dogs bloodstream and cause infections in other parts of the body. The antibiotics are not only sometimes expensive, they also can cause the dog to feel bad and give him or her an upset stomach. Additionally, there is of course a cost to these antibiotics which must be added to the overall expense for the dog teeth scaling.

There are natural products available on the market to clean dogs teeth with. Unless the tartar and plaque build up is extremely serious and could be threatening the dog's overall health immediately, it is suggested pet owners look into using these safe gel and spray products to clean their dog's teeth with.

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