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Dog Arthritis

Millions of years ago, common diseases such as arthritis plagued dinosaurs and are now causing harm to humans and animals. Arthritis is a regressive disease that wears away and inflames the joints, causing pain and stiffness. There are no limitations to this disease, as people, cats, and dogs can develop arthritis at any age.

However, there are several ways that dog owners can do to help prevent this disease from infesting dogs of all shapes and sizes. Watching a dog change in behavior, non-verbal cues, and taking their actions seriously can be extremely helpful in preventing and curing dog arthritis. Unfortunately, arthritis occurs in twenty percent of all adult dogs in the United States and is an excessively common cause of chronic pain that veterinarians treat.

Symptoms to Watch Out For

While pet owners may not be able to diagnose dog arthritis from observations alone, there are many different symptoms that arthritis can be responsible for. Excessive sleeping, trouble standing or sitting, sore or stiff joints, reluctance to run or jump, weight gain, favoring a limb, disinterest in playtime, changes in behavior or attitude, and not being as alert are all signs that could mean a dog has arthritis.

It is important to watch these symptoms and see if they last longer than two weeks, in which the dog should be taken to a veterinarian to have an arthritis evaluation. This process may include x-rays and a physical exam. Getting a diagnosis and beginning treatment as soon as possible is best way to treat arthritis in dogs.

Common Therapies for Dog Arthritis

Several therapies may be used to assist in the healing of dog arthritis. For instance, maintaining proper weight is very important and through a healthy diet and exercise, this can be achieved with no problem. Because all dogs cannot take the same medication, working with a veterinarian to treat pain using drug treatment can be beneficial to finding the right medicine.

However, there is a “most common” treatment for arthritis in dogs and that is non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Another common therapy to relieve arthritis pain that humans and dogs can both use are chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine or Omega fatty acids that can be found in pills and particular foods. Because prescription and over-the-counter drug treatments are both different, they can be combined to alleviate pain and prevent the disease from progressing faster.

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Attempting to treat a dog with human medication is strongly protested when attempting to cure arthritis before a diagnosis and even after it has been determined that a dog has arthritis. There are specific medications that are very toxic to dogs such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen which is commonly used to cure pain relief for humans, so it is important to understand there is a huge difference between dog and human bodies. For this reason, it is vital to consult with a veterinarian, establishing a treatment that will provide helpful, and to confirm that the dog’s safety and health will remain intact.

Spoiled Dogs and Arthritis

Spoiling pets is a guilty pleasure that many dog owners have. While it may be quite enjoyable, following several helpful tips can keep both dog and dog owner active and healthy. Visits to the veterinarian once or twice a year for check-ups can prove to be very accommodating in preventing dog arthritis and obtaining x-rays to determine bone deterioration levels. Reading food labels, limiting servings, and avoiding extra snacks are great ways to keep off excess pounds and stay healthy.

The coordination of both the dog and their owner’s medication can guarantee they are taken on time. Exercising dogs is an important part of being a dog owner, without it, can lead to unhealthy weight and possible sickness. Also, here is no excuse because of ticks or fleas; there are plenty of treatments on the market to fix this problem. If money is the problem, there are plenty of alternative methods that can be found on the internet.

As a dog owner, it is their responsibility to safeguard their dog’s health, making sure that they live an active and healthy life. When a dog starts showing severe symptoms, taking them to a veterinarian should be automatic because dog arthritis among many other diseases can prove exceedingly harmful, even deadly if left untreated. Through proper care and treatment of a dog, their owner will be granted with unconditional love and a happier, healthier life.


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