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Dog Arthritis Medication

Although Flexicose and Synflex are designed for human use, they work great as a dog arthritis medication too! Some sites (including DTC Health, the makers of Flexicose) offer Flexicose for Pets with pet labels. This is the exact same formula as regular Flexicose, only the label is different.

Most dog owners will at some point have a dog in need of dog arthritis medication such as glucosamine and chondroitin supplements for canines. Dogs, just like humans, oftentimes start suffering from arthritis in their later years. It seems that if a dog is going to develop arthritis, there will be some signs of it starting around the ages of 8 or 9. There are several dog arthritis medication options available to pet owners. But first let us discuss some non-medication options for dealing with arthritis in dogs.

Read more about natural solutions for your dog and arthritis.

The Number One “Dog Arthritis Medication” is a Diet!

The single most important thing you can do for your dog to combat arthritis is to keep his or her weight at normal levels. An overweight dog who is prone to developing arthritis will exhibit symptoms sooner and they will be more severe than need be. Dog arthritis medication can help minimize symptoms, but putting your dog on a diet can often produce the most dramatic results! And just like in humans, their will be many more benefits to your dog’s health if he is not overweight!

Could your dog have canine hip displasia?

Proper exercise is also important. Not too much and not too little exercise is very important. Every dog needs to spend AT LEAST four or five hours a week walking! That is the minimum. Be very careful as your dog gets older not to let them over do it. Our dog Katie is getting up in years. She is showing some signs of arthritis, so we have been giving her dog arthritis medication (Flexicose and Synflex) for the past few years. She likes to play. But her mind can really “out-play” her body. Sometimes when she first goes outside, she will run around like a crazy dog. Oftentimes she will come up limping afterwards. So we must watch out that she does not over do it too much. She is sure not as young as she used to be!

Types of Dog Arthritis Medication

But if a diet and exercise are still not keeping the arthritis at bay, it may be time to look for a dog arthritis medication. You have three choices. Dog arthritis medication can be in the form of an over the counter drug like aspirin, prescription drugs like Rimadyl, and natural supplement products like Synflex and Flexicose.

Aspirin for dogs can be VERY dangerous. Please read my article about how Storm almost died from taking aspirin. I will never again give a dog aspirin for more than a few days at a time again.

As for prescription drugs, the Internet is full of articles about the dangers prescription dog arthritis medication. Rimadyl is a popular drug given to dogs with arthritis. Although it works well for many, it can be deadly in some dogs. Read about its dangers in our Rimadyl for dogs article.

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Liquid Glucosamine Works!

The third choice for dog arthritis medication is natural supplementation. Although there are several types of supplements used, glucosamine is the most widely used. We have had first hand experience with using glucosamine for dogs. Our dog Storm started having problems getting around in his last years. After his near death experience with aspirin, we decided to try liquid glucosamine. It worked wonders for him! And the best part of using glucosamine for a dog arthritis medication is how safe it is. There are virtually no side effects in dogs caused by glucosamine. Liquid glucosamine for dogs can have truly miraculous effects!

More Info About Using Glucosamine for Dogs:

If your dog is suffering from arthritis, we think the wisest thing to do is try glucosamine first. It makes no sense to take risks with other dog arthritis medications if glucosamine can offer relief! And glucosamine is lower in price per dose than most prescription dog arthritis medication!

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Here's Storm. He was a good dog!


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