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Proper Dental Care is Vital for Your Dog!

Just like in humans, proper dental care for dogs is very important for their health and well-being. Poor dental care can result in infected gums which can then result in many more serious problems. Bad breath in dogs and losing teeth in old age is one of the problems. However, and more importantly, the bacteria living in the plaque buildup can easily gain access to the bloodstream via bleeding and infected gums.

When the bacteria gain access to the bloodstream they then have access to other parts of the body including important organs. There they can multiply and damage those organs. Plaque buildup on a dog’s teeth is the precursor to infected gums. The best scenario for maintaining dental health is for a dog owner to begin caring for their dog’s teeth while there they are still puppies. Not only does this give the dog a good head start on proper dental care, it is far easier to train a puppy for about dental habits then it is an older dog.

Remove Tartar Without Risky Anesthesia!

Dental care for dogs requires keeping tartar removed from the teeth. Many vets suggest the process of scaling for the tartar removal. However, this process can be very expensive and even dangerous for the dog since general anesthetic is required. Although scaling is an accepted practice in maintaining proper dental care for dogs, owners should be aware of the risks. Always consult with your vet about the risks associated with general anesthesia. This is especially true for older dogs that are more susceptible to these dangers.

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There are other alternatives to the dangerous scaling procedure. We offer the Petzlife products for dog dental care. Not only are these products 100% natural, they are completely safe and have virtually no side effects for your pet. Their ingredients act to dissolve the plaque under dogs’ teeth naturally. Although the process may take several months of daily cleanings if the plaque is severe, it does work 100% of the time when used correctly.

It's Now Easy and Safe To Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean

Once removed, the plaque can easily be kept at bay by simply cleaning the teeth three or four times per week. Healthy dental care for dogs can be maintained with either our Petzlife gel or spray products. However, our gel product, combined with brushing, offers the most effective method of dental care. We highly suggest dog owners take the time required to get their dog used to the idea of having their teeth brushed with a brush. This is the most effective method.

In some situations where the dog completely refuses the brush the alternative is to simply apply the gel with one's fingers over and around the dog’s teeth and gums. This is the next best solution. Also remember that the dog should not be allowed any food or water for 30 minutes to an hour after the cleanings.

Once you and your dog are in the habit of performing proper dental care, the process need only take a few minutes per day. These few minutes of time devoted to your dog's dental needs can have a dramatic influence on the future health and happiness of your dog.

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