Bad Breath in Dogs

Dog Teeth Cleaning is Important!

It is important to deal with bad breath in dogs. Not only does it smell bad, but it can be very dangerous and even end up to be fatal for your dog. That is right, bad breath in dogs is often the early signs of severe gum infections. Tarter buildup on the dog's teeth harbors bacteria which give off the bad odor. If the bacteria become too plentiful in the dog's mouth, they can infect the gums and travel to other parts of the body and start infecting other tissues and organs too. Bad breath in dogs should be dealt with before further infection can occur.

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Does Your Dog Have Bad Breath?

Bad breath in dogs is more common the older they get. Older dogs are more liable to have this problem because of the years of tarter buildup. During every routine visit to the vet, the dog's teeth and gums will be inspected for problems. Besides bad breath in dogs, tartar can cause other serious health issues. The vet will point out any potential problems and suggest courses of action. Be aware that one treatment involves anesthesia for the dogs. Not only is this traumatic, but it can be deadly as well. Yes, many pets have died during simple treatments with general anesthetic. Some dogs (and people) simple have very adverse reactions to the drugs.

It is easier to prevent bad breath in dogs than it is to treat it. It is also much safer. With our Petzlife products, it is safe and easy to maintain great oral health for your dog. Brushing a dog's teeth may sound strange, but it is only required 2 or 3 times per week to maintain healthy teeth. In some cases, simply using the Petzlife spray every other day is adequate. But whatever it takes, it is far safer than risking anesthesia for your dog. Plus it ensures bad breath in dogs is a thing of the past.

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Another thing which helps is to offer the dog chew toys and bones which will help scrape the tarter off. Be sure the bones are not cooked. Only raw bones should be given to dogs because they do not splinter and are more digestible. These may not work as well as brushing does for stopping bad breath in dogs, but they will help keep the tartar cleaned off. Also, be sure that the bones will not break off in large chunks which the dog may get choked on.

Bad breath in dogs is often an early sign of health problems for the dog. Deal with it early and prevent the need for more severe treatment down the road. Our dog teeth cleaning products are 100% safe and natural. They are made with all natural ingredients which will not harm your pet. If they are used on a regular basis, bad breath in dogs will be a thing of the past!

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