Finger Joint Pain

Do you suffer from finger pain?

If you are over forty and have finger joint pain, chances are you are experiencing the onset of arthritis. There can be other causes for finger pain, but the likely culprit is osteoarthritis. This is extremely common for people in their forties. My wife, Kay, is a perfect example.

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Kay recently began experiencing finger joint pain in one of her fingers. She described it as a nagging ache when she bent it or tried to grip with it. At the time, we had just started our old dog, Storm, on Synflex liquid glucosamine for his arthritis. We were aware the glucosamine was also a treatment for human arthritis, so Kay began taking it for her finger pain. One side note here: Kay mentioned to her grandmother that she had finger joint pain in that one finger. It turned out that her grandmother had had finger pain for a long time.

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Synflex for Finger Joint Pain
Kay is about to add glucosamine to her morning drink.
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Syn-flex Liquid Glucosamine

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Kay began taking the Synflex liquid glucosamine for her finger pain. She mixed one-quarter of an ounce each morning. After a month, she realized one day her finger joint pain had subsided greatly. It has been a gradual change, so she was not really aware of the slow change. She continued taking Syn-flex for several more months.

At that time we became distributors for both Flexicose and Synflex liquid glucosamine. In the process of creating our site, we researched the benefits of glucosamine. It seemed there were countless stories of success with it for all kinds of pain. After her pain had eased tremendously, Kay decided to perform an experiment with the glucosamine. Was glucosamine really responsible for her finger-joint pain relief? So she stopped taking it for a while. About a month later she again felt the same pain in her finger. She had almost forgotten about the pain and that she had stopped taking the glucosamine. But sure enough, her pain had returned.

Liquid Glucosamine is Completely Safe

So to complete the experiment, she began taking the glucosamine again. Again, the change was slow. In a few weeks, her finger pain was gone again! Therefore, she was quite sure the glucosamine was easing her finger-joint pain. She has been taking it ever since and has continued to experience the same relief. It does flare up at times. For example when she works with her stained glass it will bother her. Or sometimes intense work in the garden like weeding will give her some pain. But still the daily pain she was having is all but gone.

If you have finger-joint pain, consult your doctor. More than likely he or she will diagnose arthritis if you are over forty. If this is the case, ask about glucosamine. Most doctors now days also believe in the benefits of a daily glucosamine supplement. Even if you don't consult your doctor, glucosamine is a very safe supplement to take without a doctor's recommendation. Of course if you have any existing condition, always consult your doctor before taking any supplement for finger joint pain or anything else.

A Full 1500mg In Each Dose!

There are many brands of glucosamine available. We happen to think glucosamine in the liquid form is the best. From all we have read, the liquid is more easily absorbed. And one of the best benefits is that both Flexicose and Synflex 1500 have a full 1500mg of glucosamine in a single dose. This works well for Kay's finger-joint pain. She only takes one dose of glucosamine daily. Other forms of glucosamine require multiple tablets or capsules each day.

If you have finger-joint pain or any other joint pain caused by arthritis, we highly suggest trying glucosamine. It is a safe and effective answer for many people.

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Finger Joint Pain Relief
Finger Pain Relief

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