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Treat Your Pet's Arthritis
Safely and effectively!

Treating dog arthritis can often be confusing for pet owners. There are many suggested remedies, supplements, and drugs available to treat canine arthritis. If you suspect your dog has arthritis, always verify this with your vet.

While there, ask him or her about your alternatives for treating your dog's arthritis. Be aware there are a wide variety of choices with which to choose from. Some are completely safe with no side effects and others come with risk.

We first tried Synflex liquid glucosamine with Storm when he started having signs of arthritis. We were amazed at the results! And best of all, there were no side effects to worry about. He had almost died from an intestinal infection caused by Aspirin, so we were glad to find something that worked and was also completely safe.

Just use the easy measuring spout to squeeze out their daily dose and pour it over their food. We give our dogs Synflex regular, 1500, or Pets (just depends which bottle we grab), and they have never shown any signs of caring which one... whatever is on their food, they'll eat.

It's estimated that 24-30% of pet owners have older dogs or cats who could benefit from Synflex! Arthritis in pets is exactly the same as in humans. It's painful and just as debilitating.

Here is a partial list of the signs your pet may be suffering from it:

  • Difficulty or reluctance to climb stairs, jump into the car, or play
  • Limping or lagging behind on walks
  • Difficulty in getting up when laying down
  • Yelping or flinching when touched
  • A personality change

Just as in humans, Synflex can ease your pet's pain. In as little as one week a dog or cat suffering from arthritis may show signs of improvement... and after one month you should see significant improvement.

We even give liquid glucosamine to one of our older dogs who doesn't show any signs of arthritis simply as a preventive measure.

Synflex Pet Dosage Chart

Pet's Weight
Total Doses

Suggested Daily Dose

0 - 10 lbs

256 Doses

1/32 oz (.2 tsp)
10 - 40 lbs
128 Doses
1/16 oz (.4 tsp)
40 - 100 lbs
64 Doses
1/8 oz (.75 tsp)
100+ lbs
32 Doses
1/4 oz (1.5 tsp)

Pharmacies sell small ml droppers one could used to measure the dose for small dogs.

1/32 fl oz = 0.2 tsp = 0.9 ml
1/16 fl oz = 0.4 tsp = 1.8 ml
1/8 fl oz = 0.75 tsp = 3.7 ml
1/4 fl oz = 1.5 tsp = 7.4 ml

Give Your Older Dogs Synflex!
This is our older dog, Katie. She is showing some signs of arthritis pain when she plays too hard, so we give her a dose of glucosamine daily.
Katie Uses Syn-flex
Yes, that's Katie's way of relaxin'!

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Treating Dog Arthritis

Syn-flex Pets


Synflex Pets Beef works for dogs and cats.

Easy Measuring Spout

 In 2002, we began using Syn-Flex Liquid Glucosamine for our older dog, Storm. Storm had developed arthritis resulting from several traumatic events, including being run over by a pickup and trailer, falling down a well pit, and numerous dog fights. We wanted something natural for Storm, because we were worried about the side effects from the prescription drugs the vet had prescribed him.

Arthritis in humans and arthritis in dogs is very similar. Arthritis is the degeneration of tissues within the joints. Symptoms include: decreased activity, joint pain, sleeping problems, limping, inflammation, irritability, etc. The glucosamine in Syn-Flex for pets acts to restore the joint tissue. Liquid glucosamine is completely safe and all-natural. The liquid form works faster because it is absorbed easily by the body unlike the pill form. Many joint care supplements containing glucosamine need to be refrigerated – however, Syn-flex for dogs and pets does not. This makes it very handy while taking on vacations.

It may take daily doses several weeks or even a couple of months before any results can be seen. Syn-flex recommends doubling the dose for the first 2 weeks to speed up the process - this allows the glucosamine to really penetrate the joint tissue. How quickly the product works varies from dog to dog. We’ve had dogs improve greatly within just one week – and we’ve had other dogs take up to a month before their activity increased and the symptoms decreased.

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Besides the fact that it's all-natural, Syn-Flex is much easier to give your dog than pills. If you've ever tried to give your dog pills, you know it can be a real hassle. With the pet version of Syn-Flex, you simply pour the daily dose upon his food at mealtime. Dogs simply don't care about the added ingredient to their food. The dose is determined by the weight of the dogs - under 100 pounds get by with under one-quarter of an ounce.

One bottle of Syn-Flex for dogs will last your dog approximately one month depending on the weight of your dog. There is a convenient reservoir in the top of the bottle; it is very convenient to measure out the correct dose and simply pour it over your dog's food at mealtime.

Another great benefit is Syn-Flex daily dosage contains a full 1,500 milligrams of glucosamine. In order to get that much glucosamine with pills, it normally would take two or three pills per day. It is much handier to get the one dose at mealtime and forget it the rest of the day.

Just one more thing to consider about arthritis: keep your pet at a healthy weight. The more the dog weighs, the more problems and issues can result from arthritis. Make sure to keep your dog's weight in the average to low average range. It's far more healthy for your older dog to be a little on the skinny side versus carrying any extra weight. This is very important. Just a few pounds can make a big difference. If you have any questions, just visit scroll to the bottom of the page, and we'll be glad to answer any questions you have about using Syn-flex for your dog.


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