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About one-third of our glucosamine sales are for pets. Their success stories are our favorites!

Remember, there is only one formula of Synflex and Flexicose. The "Pet" formula of each is identical to the human formula.

Please send us your pictures and we'll include them here!

Here is another of our happy Syn-flex customers, Luck!

Here's Roxie! She is 13 and one of our newest customers! Boy does she look "huggable" with that furry coat!

Here is one of our Flexicose customers, Rosie!
I sure have a soft spot in my heart for old dogs...there really is nothin' like 'em!

Here is Bob, a Syn-flex customer, playing in the snow!

Here's Newman! He is a 9 year old American Bulldog and a Syn-flex user. Don't you love that expression!

This is Dexter!
We have the COOLEST customers!!

Oh My! Here are two of our Best Dressed Customers! Lucy in pink and Sunny the hippy are dressed to the nines at a charity event. I know all Greyhounds always have that smile on their face, but these two are being really good sports for a great cause. Thanks for the pics Bob!

Here's a couple of pictures of Sammy. I can't thank you enough for giving our baby Sammy back. He is doing things that he did when he was 6. What a turn around from a sad dog energy...just blaaa.. - Back to being a clown again and playing with the grand kids again. Sammy is so loved.  Sandra

Sammy Again. What a proud looking dog!

Sammy has just been able to do this again since Syn-flex and now Flexicose. Thank you, Sandra

From Mattie's owner: This is Mattie. She is our hunting dog who just goes nuts when the orange vests come out. Unfortunately though, she was unable to move for 3 days after hunting do to stiff joints. This last hunting season she had been on Syn-flex 1500 and the day after you would never have known she had done a thing the day before. This has been a great find for us!

I see some mischief in those eyes Mattie!

From Moe's owner:   "This is Moe. He suffered from some sort of joint and tendon trouble. He loves to run but on occasion he would come up lame. The treatment was a couple of trips to the vet for shots and to give him pills three times a day for about a week. The pills were 89 cents a piece. It would take him at least two weeks to come around. Since we've given him Syn-flex 1500 he hasn't had one episode and trust me he still loves to run."

What a handsome dog Moe is!

Rowdi uses Syn-flex for his stiff joints.
Doesn't his face say "Let's-Go-Play"!

This cool looking dog is one of our Syn-flex customers!
Buffy is her name.

Kodiak, from Ohio, is a Synflex user.
Isn't she a lovable looking dog!

Here's Violet, our most famous customer! She's a nine year old Great Dane. She's been featured on the Dog Whisperer TV show. For those who haven't seen it, it's on the National Geographic Channel on Friday evenings.

Here's Violet getting ready for a snooze!

This is Violet's friend, Hudson. Aren't Great Danes Cool!

Violet and Hudson are from Studio City, California

Another picture of Hudson

This is our oldest dog, Katie.

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Please Send us pictures and/or stories of your friends!

We'll include them here.

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