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Relief for Dogs With Arthritis

Glucosamine for dogs is very beneficial in the treatment for arthritis and hip dysplasia. Glucosamine chondroitin has been shown to help in the repair and rehabilitation of cartilage and reduce arthritis. It has also been shown to reduce pain and increase mobility and flexibility in dogs. However, not all glucosamine products are the same. Glucosamine has also been shown to treat skin wounds, settle stomach ailments and other dermatology issues, which can be beneficial for dogs.

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When your dog begins to show signs of pain in their joints, you need to know which glucosamine for dogs’ product will be the best for your dog. There are several symptoms that your dog will show when in pain. These symptoms include difficulty walking, jumping, running, playing or going downstairs, limping, difficulty getting up or lying down, laying on cold surfaces or in the shade of trees and pain when petted.

There are several different products out there and they all differ in many ways. Before you give your dog glucosamine make sure you are aware of the following, amount of daily dose, type, quality, route to be taken, synergistic ingredients and price of glucosamine for dogs. The easiest is liquid form, as pills make it more difficult to encourage dogs to ingest. If the pills are mixed with food, they could become lodged in their teeth and lost. So giving liquid glucosamine can be a lot easier for the dog to digest and can be poured over their food. You can also double the dose over the first couple of weeks for maximum absorption and benefit.

If you are unfamiliar with glucosamine, it would be wise to consult your veterinarian. Your veterinarian will know what the dosage ratio will be for the weight of the dog. Normally you'll want to administer a predetermined amount of glucosamine per pound of body weight. You can increase the dosage if your dog has more severe symptoms. Once you find out which glucosamine for dogs will work for you, you will need to decide which form will work the best. Glucosamine comes in both pill and liquid form. Liquid form is absorbed faster than pills and lasts longer and provides greater relief than pill form.

Glucosamine is usually taken together with chondroitin which is thought to be effective treating arthritis as well. Glucosamine and chondroitin are often taken together to battle arthritis. If you give glucosamine for dogs, it can be given alone and is just as effective. Within two weeks to thirty days, you should notice your dog acting more lively and with little to no pain.

The best and fastest way to give glucosamine for dogs is orally as a liquid. You can give your dog the glucosamine by either drops into the mouth or by mixing it into the water dish. The best way of knowing that your dog has taken the full daily dose is to give it by drop orally. If it is given by mixing it into the water dish it runs the chance of not being drunk and the water gets changed out.

There are a few side effects when using glucosamine for dogs. These side effects include vomiting or diarrhea. These side effects can be controlled by lowering the dose that is given or by mixing it with food.

We are true believers in using glucosamine for dogs and their arthritis. Our dog Storm passed away in the spring of 2005, but his last few years were much happier because of an article we read concerning the benefits of glucosamine for dogs with arthritis. We have a detailed story of how Storm almost died from Aspirin he was taking for his arthritis here.

But to make a long story short, Storm survived his scare and went on to enjoy several more years of roaming our pasture hunting rabbits with Oreo. After he almost died from the Aspirin, we knew we had to find something else to ease his arthritis.

While looking on the Internet, we found countless sites talking about the dangers of Rimadyl, a prescription drug for dogs. We also read about the great success people were having with glucosamine for dogs. So we decided to give glucosamine a try and ordered our first bottle of Syn-flex.

Synflex Worked for Storm!
Relaxing in the Oklahoma sun!
Storm loved warm spring days!

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We simply poured Storm's daily dose over his food each evening. He, like most dogs, did not mind the taste at all. We had read it would take several weeks to a month before we would see any results. And sure enough, in less than a month we noticed Storm getting up easier than he had been. He also had an easier time with our porch steps.

We continued reading all we could about glucosamine for dogs, and we were sure the glucosamine was the right thing for Storm. He continued at about that same level until he died from old age. He remained stiff and with quite a few things he couldn't as when he was young, but the glucosamine for dogs really added to his quality of life during his last several years.

During this time, we had been looking for a home business we could start. Glucosamine for dogs was an obvious choice for us since we knew dogs well and also had the experience with Storm using it. So we created our first web site for offering the Syn-flex online.

We have been growing ever since and have also added Flexicose glucosamine for dogs to our site. Not only does glucosamine for dogs work, it is completely safe! If you are currently giving your dog a prescription drug or Aspirin for arthritis, we encourage you to ask your vet about what signs of side effects to watch for. In Storm's case, he went from happy and healthy to near death in one day. But there were signs earlier if we had known what to watch for.

The best indication we have for the success people are having with using glucosamine for dogs is all the returning customers we have. Almost one in ever six orders we get are from a previouse customer!

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