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The Advantages of Using Liquid Glucosamine to Treat Dogs

If you own a pet who is suffering from Canine Arthritis, you may already know a number of solutions to handle it. But the next prevailing confusion would be to choose the best option of the solutions you have in hand. As far as any disease is concerned effectiveness, efficiency and safety are the three main aspects of a good treatment method. Fortunately, a liquid Glucosamine supplement ticks all the right boxes.

Glucosamine For Treating Arthritis


Treat Arthritis Symptoms Safely


  • Safe and All Natural Glucosamine
  • Inexpensive - Full Dose Contains 1500mg
  • No Side Effects
  • Beware of Prescribed Drugs!

When human beings experience discomfort, they have no difficulty in making it aware to the people around them. But when animals go through the same phase, they prefer to deal with it themselves. They bear the pain for as long as they can, until it reaches the last straw to break the camel's back.

That point onwards, you will begin to notice a draw back from their normal life style. If you have decided to use Glucosamine as a treatment method, you are already on the right track. Though Glucosamine supplements are available as pills and capsules, many physicians prefer the liquid version. What Is Special About Liquid Glucosamine? The absorption rate of liquid

Glucosamine is 85% higher than the pill. The work done by one dose of Liquid Glucosamine is nearly equal to 6 pills. The nutrients are received by the target organs more efficiently and hence your dog will gain relief sooner. Liquid Glucosamine is very user friendly. All you have to do is pour the liquid over your dog's food and he can consume it with the least irritation.

A liquid Glucosamine supplement is usually a combination of several forms of Glucosamine plus other nutrients. The common forms of Glucosamine are Glucosamine sulfate and Glucosamine Hydrochloride. The other nutrients can be a mix of vitamins, omega 3 & 6, shark cartilage, bromelain, yucca powder, boswellin and ascorbate. Glucosamine supplements prevent cartilage degeneration, provide the basic ingredients needed to form new cartilage and boost the process of liquid intake in joints, which helps them remain lubricated.

As a result, your pet will be able to make better movements and the disease will progress at a slower rate. It also serves as a pain killer which can relieve your pet of discomfort. The other nutrients help the body absorb the Glucosamine supplements well.

Apart from this, some of the nutrients like boswellin improve blood supply while bromelain and fatty acids reduce inflammation. Liquid Glucosamine is very safe to use because it is made using natural ingredients. It can treat Arthritis as well as Hip dysplasia. Since the supplement contains fewer side effects, it will be a worthwhile, hassle free experience for both you and your pet.


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Synflex liquid glucosamine products are natural products designed
to ease joint and arthritis pain safely and effectively. Since Synflex is a supplement
products, they are not regulated by the FDA in the same way prescription drugs are.