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Evidence Related To The Efficacy Of Glucosamine Chondroitin

Glucosamine chondroitin has earned its name and fame as a dietary supplement suitable for the treatment of Osteoarthritis. It is a natural substance derived from shell fish such as crabs, prawns and lobsters. No product enters the market without undergoing a phase of researches. Even though Glucosamine chondroitin was tested and proven to be effective several times, the number of researches to prove its real efficacy only increased with time.

Glucosamin Supplements with Chondroitin For Treating Osteoarthritis

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Certain research projects conducted in 2003 and 2005 revealed that, Glucosamine chondroitin was more effective in patients than a placebo. A placebo is a blank, tablet. It has no medicinal value and is used only as a subject to compare the effects of a real drug. Once these results were out, another set of results came in that were rather contradicting.

This never ending debate as to whether the Best Glucosamine treatment can actually work or not had to come to an end. Hence the US National Institutes of Health intervened. The NIH conducted a series of clinical trials and the results were published in 2006.

According to this study, the combination of Glucosamine chondroitin and chondroitin sulfate produced better results than a placebo in a sub group of patients with mild to moderate pain levels. Subsequently in 2007, another group of study concluded that, Glucosamine Sulfate was more effective than a placebo treatment. Further in 2010, the Osteoarthritis Research Society International proudly declared that Glucosamine was the second best effective medication available for the treatment of Osteoarthritis with moderate pain levels.

The news just gets better because the European League Against Rheumatism stated that n-acetyl Glucosamine sulfate had the highest level of effectiveness and they have also granted an A grade recommendation for this supplement. There is a theory that a rational man cannot be satisfied by increasing his wages because he will only want more. Like wise, you cannot draw a border line for the satisfaction of Glucosamine.

For every research that produces positive results, there will be a research that claims differently and this drama will only continue. Sometimes consumers become innocent victims of corporate scams. One pharmaceutical company may provide fake or altered results just to lower the market of a competing company. It is also important to note that, authorities are still issuing licenses for this product, which means it is still valued and bears no threat. Test results may or may not contain flaws but you cannot deny the success stories of patients that is mount high.


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Synflex liquid glucosamine products are natural products designed
to ease joint and arthritis pain safely and effectively. Since Synflex is a supplement
products, they are not regulated by the FDA in the same way prescription drugs are.