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How to Tackle Dog Joint Problems Using Liquid Glucosamine Supplements

Did you know that nearly 30% of dogs suffer from hip dysplasia and Osteoarthritis? The number it self indicates the fact that, most dogs are vulnerable to these diseases. Though many people believe that only owners of older dogs need to worry about canine arthritis, it has been evident that even a younger dog can get affected by this disease. Hence a Glucosamine sulfate supplement is a must in every home.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin For Easing Arthritis Symptoms


Treat Symptoms Safely


  • Safe and Natural Glucosamine
  • Full Doses Contains 1500mg
  • No Side Effects Whatsoever
  • Beware of Prescription Drugs!

When you pay a visit to the local drug store, you can find various Glucosamine products on display. You may have noticed that Glucosamine products are versatile in terms of brand, chemical composition and state of matter.

However, based on several remarks, it is clear that Liquid Glucosamine is the personal favourite of most pet owners. Considering the advantages of using a Liquid Glucosamine supplement, this is not an astonishing fact. The Concentration of Glucosamine is relatively high in the liquid version.

Since it is a liquid, the compound can directly enter the blood circulation where else a pill needs to be broken down and digested before entering the system. Hence, the process concerning the input of Glucosamine is much quicker, when it is presented in liquid form and so are the results.

Another reason is the simplicity involved with the use of Liquid Glucosamine. Just add one dose of 1500 ml to your dog's meal and you'll be done for the day. Glucosamine can be used to alleviate pain and inflammation.

Since it is the precursor of the building blocks used to construct a healthy cartilage, it is ideal for cartilage regeneration and repair. If you decide to administer a course of Liquid Glucosamine, you will be able to see an improvement in your dog's mobility and mood in just two weeks. The side effects are more or less harmless. NSAIDS and steroids can cause severe damage to your dog's liver.

Sometimes they can and even turn out to be addictive. Glucosamine always walks free of these charges. Remember well and keep in mind. Glucosamine MSM is made out of natural substances and is recommended for long term usage. Therefore you do not have to wait for your dog to grow old, to give him a Glucosamine supplement. Add Liquid Glucosamine to your pet's diet from an early stage and save him the trouble of having to go through Canine Arthritis.


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Synflex liquid glucosamine products are natural products designed
to ease joint and arthritis pain safely and effectively. Since Synflex is a supplement
products, they are not regulated by the FDA in the same way prescription drugs are.