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Glucosamine for Dogs

Probably one of the most used supplements by canine owners, especially for those who own older dogs, is glucosamine supplement for dogs. Almost all dogs of all breeds will eventually develop symptoms of osteoarthritis. The glucosamine for dogs is an all-natural supplement that's designed to help rebuild the cartilage tissue within the damaged joints which are affected by the arthritis.

One of the great things about using the glucosamine products for dogs is that it's completely safe and 100% natural. This is a welcome contrast to the prescription medications which are often prescribed for treating dog arthritis. The glucosamine for dogs supplements have virtually no side effects and are quite inexpensive compared to their prescription medication counterparts.

Glucosamine sulfate has become increasingly popular among veterinarians when it comes to treating canine arthritis. In fact, we suggest always asking the vet about glucosamine when arthritis is involved. Beware of advise which involves treating the dog arthritis initially with prescription medications without trying glucosamine for the dog first. Since it is completely safe and inexpensive it is always advisable to make it the first treatment choice when arthritis symptoms are first noticed in the dog.

It's important to remember that glucosamine for dogs does not treat the pain caused by the osteoarthritis disease. It in no way masks the problem work decreases the inflammation as does many of the anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin. Instead he asked to rebuild and regenerate damaged tissue with in the joints which has degenerated to the point where the bones are rubbing together during joint movement. The glucosamine for dogs helps rebuild this damaged tissue does preventing the bones from touching one another. By the way, the cause of pain within the joint affected by osteoarthritis is the fact that bones contain nerve cells in these cells cause pain when roughly rubbed together during the friction of joint movement.

Dog glucosamine comes in many forms including tablets and capsules. We found however that the liquid version of dog glucosamine is the most effective and also the easiest to supply to your canine. Pouring the dog glucosamine over his or her food at meal time is simply the easiest way to provide the supplement. We've had many older dogs and none of them have balked at eating their food which contained the supplement. In fact, many of the dog glucosamine products nowadays have added flavor such as beef which makes mealtime even better.

ITN, it's important for dog owners to understand that there will not be immediate relief when using dog glucosamine. Depending on the severity and the advancement of the disease and how old the dog is, progress in treating the disease of osteoarthritis may not be observed for several weeks or perhaps well over a month. The reason for this is that it takes time for the dog glucosamine to rebuild the joint cartilage tissue. The bodies building process does not happen overnight. Therefore it does take time before the dog will enjoy any relief from the pain he is suffering from because of his or her joint disease.

Although dog glucosamine in the liquid for is easy to give it does have a shelf life with an expiration date. This is why it's not easy to find the products in stores. Most of the large chains need to buy products that have ever a long shelf life. They don't normally carry products such as dog glucosamine which are in the liquid form because of its relatively short shelf life. However, the bottles of liquid glucosamine usually come with expiration dates well over a year from the time of purchase. Since one bottle will last most dogs several months this should pose no problem for those using the product.

Once again, dog glucosamine should be one of the first choices when attempting to treat the pain of dog arthritis. Once the product has been used for several months without a fact the end the dog owner may consider other alternatives which his vet may suggest.


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