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For Arthritis and Joint Pain

Is Liquid Glucosamine the Most Effective Form?

Glucosamine comes in three forms. The injection form would be most effective. However there are no commercially available products of the sort today. The other forms are solid (found in solid pills and capsules), and the liquid form. Ingesting a high quality liquid form of glucosamine will provide very much the same benefits as found in the injection form.

Due to the problems with absorption, the solid forms found in pills and capsules are not recommended. For humans, another great advantage in using liquid glucosamine is the simplicity of administration. Simply drink the product plain or mix it with a favorite drink. We take ours in our morning drink of orange juice along with our multi-vitamin, Vitaplen Complete.

In pets, the liquid is of course much preferred by dog and cat owners. Although we can give our dogs pills with no problem, it is much easier to simply grab a bottle of liquid glucosamine, squeeze to fill the measure spout, and pour it over their food. And of course they prefer that method too!

Syn-flex Liquid Glucosamine

  • Safe and Inexpensive
  • No Side Effects
  • 1500 mg Glucosamine per Dose
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Finding the Best Glucosamine

Some of the criteria to be considered when choosing a glucosamine product should be:
• The effective dose size
• Is the form solid or liquid
• The type of Glucosamine
• The other ingredients in the product
• The overall quality
• The cost per dose
The effective dose size is important. In pills the glucosamine is bound to fillers which bind the tablet or capsule together. It could take numerous pills to equal the 1500 mg dose size found in most liquid glucosamine products. The pure glucosamine found in the liquid form is not bound to stabilizers or fillers. This provides much greater absorption, better results, and far less waste. Note that most glucosamine in the pill form only provides between 300 and 700 mg per dose. With liquid glucosamine it is much easier to get your daily dose. Although some manufacturers suggest splitting the liquid dose into two daily parts, this is still preferred over taking glucosamine in the pill form. The absorption rate of liquid glucosamine is far better.

Other Ingredients found in the Glucosamine Products are Important Too

Chondroitin and MSM are compounds often found in glucosamine products. These substances have been shown in many studies to enhance the effectiveness of glucosamine in the body. These two compounds and glucosamine form a “buddy” system which is highly effective in building and repairing joint cartilage. Other helpful ingredients found in most liquid glucosamine products are Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Niacinamide, Aloe Vera, Bromelaine, Boswellia Serrata (Boswellin), Manganese Ascorbate, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Yucca. These ingredients are known as “synergistic” in how they work with each other and glucosamine. Basically, this means their benefit when combined is greater than their sum total benefit when used individually. (I hope that made sense!) In other words, they work better as a team than when used alone.

Total Cost is Important!

Glucosamine products can often fetch a very high price. However, if they are quality products which produce very positive results, the cost compared to prescription type drugs can be quite low. And you do not want to skimp on supplement products. Many supplement manufacturers have been known to use inferior ingredients in order to offer a low price. Beware of products using KCL and NaCl forms of glucosamine. It is important to note the cost of both of our glucosamine products, Synflex 1500, starts at only $19.48 per bottle. Volume discounts are available for a significant discount with low and free shipping offers. Be sure to compare this 32 day supply of 1500 mg doses with the solid form of pills. A bottle of glucosamine tablets selling for $8.99 may be very high priced when the cost per month/dose is compared.

The Ease of Administration

Liquid glucosamine is just plain easy to take. Both of our products come with an easy pour spout. No spoons or other measuring utensils are required. Simply unscrew the cap from the measuring reservoir, squeeze the bottle to fill the reservoir with the proper dose, and pour it out. We pour ours into orange juice. Some people do take it “straight”, but we find both products a little hard to take plain.

Glucosamine for Dogs and Cats…and Horse Arthritis Too!

We can’t say enough about the positive benefits of using liquid glucosamine for dog arthritis as well as in cats and horses. It seems dogs have more issues with arthritis in old age than cats. Therefore, we sell far more glucosamine for dogs than for other pets. We have so many returning customers for the product, there is no doubt of the great results dogs are having with it. In fact, several years ago, our old dog Storm is who showed us the benefits of Liquid Glucosamine! We have been believers and users of it ever since.

Suggested Methods of Use

For people (and pets) who have not been taking glucosamine, it is suggested that the dose be doubled for the first seven to ten days. We include a dosage chart with each purchase. For very large dogs and average sized people, one bottle will last 32 days. For smaller dogs, a bottle can last several to many months. As I said above, we mix ours in our morning drink of orange juice. Although some suggest splitting the daily dose into two, we have always taken the full dose once per day. This works well for us, but you may want to experiment with it. For dogs, simply pour it over their food at mealtime. 99.9% of dogs don’t mind it at all. However, cats can be a different story. The majority of cats will not appreciate anything different on their food. It may take some trickery on the owner’s part to sneak it into the food.

Liquid Glucosamine Works!

Liquid glucosamine is a tried and proven product. Thousands of people use the product every day and enjoy its benefits of easing joint soreness. Both human arthritis and pets with arthritis benefit greatly from glucosamine. It is definitely worth trying as a first line of defense against arthritis.


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