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Vitaplen Complete for Great Health

We're all aware that vitamins are an essential part of good health and play a vital role in our well being. While many simply accept this fact, the makers of Vitaplen liquid multi vitamin understand why vitamins play such a crucial role, and DTC Health has developed their liquid multi vitamin as a single-source nutrition supplement.

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Vitaplen Complete

Long ago, the common source of vitamins was the foods that we ate, not a liquid multi-vitamin or other supplement. However, the nature of how food is grown, stored and bought today has changed dramatically from a generation ago, and it has increased the need for supplements such as a liquid multi-vitamin.

In fact, it could be argued that the need for a liquid multi vitamin or any other supplement was not as urgent as it is today. For example, many of the fruits and vegetables that made their way to dinner tables across the United States five or six decades ago were locally grown, and consumed shortly after harvest. This meant that many of the nutrients remained in foods and our bodies reaped the rewards. A liquid multi vitamin was something of science fiction.

Today our food is grown all over the world and is often not consumed for weeks or months following harvest, and in this "lag time" between harvest and consumption the nutrient content of food diminishes. Fortunately, the Vitaplen liquid multi-vitamin is one of the best ways to make up for our food's deficiencies.

How does Vitaplen ensure that its liquid multi vitamin makes up for the nutrients missing from the foods we consume? In two ways: first, it uses extensive knowledge in the area of nutrition and, second, it uses this knowledge to develop a liquid multi-vitamin that factors in not only a few of the 13 essentials vitamins, but all of them, and at the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA). So, let's take an abbreviated, alphabetical look at the essential vitamins found in the Vitaplen liquid multi vitamin.

Vitaplen is Packed With Essential Vitamins

Vitamin A in the Vitaplen liquid multi-vitamin was a no brainer, as it's essential for developmenting, strong bones and good vision. It is found in some meat and vegetables, but as it has been noted, we're not always getting the amount we needed from our foods.

Vitamin B is a group, which contains several different B-vitamin sub groups that break down foods and release energy.

Vitamin C is of course found in citrus fruits. What many people don't know is that vitamin C is water soluble and cannot be stored in our bodies for later use. But instead of having you play a guessing game about your vitamin C intake, the liquid multi-vitamin produced by Vitaplen can be used as a single source of your intake or to top up your small glass of orange juice.

Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium and therefore plays a role in strong bones. Our body does produce vitamin D with exposure to the sun and with eating some foods, such as dairy products. However, daily vitamin D intake is difficult to assess, which is what makes taking a liquid multi vitamin, replete with vitamin D, so reassuring.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps protect our cells from oxidization. We mainly get our vitamin E from food products such as cooking oils and margarines, with a smaller amount coming from green vegetables, wheat germ and nuts. With the dangers of cholesterol, however, it's nice to know that a liquid multi-vitamin can provide all your vitamin E needs without the negative effects.

Vitamin K is the ignored cousin in the vitamin world, but it too plays an important role in overall good health, something that was not missed by the makers of the Vitaplen liquid multi-vitamin. Vitamin K is needed in order to ensure proper blood clotting and wound healing when we sustain an injury. It's obtained from green leafy vegetables and is also produced by bacteria in our intestines. With this said, it's also readily available in the Vitaplen liquid multi-vitamin.

Vitaplen for Athletes

With all these essential vitamins being a necessary part of healthy living, it's nice to know they can all be easily accessed in one simple liquid multi-vitamin. While it's important for the average person to get their RDA, it's twice as important for an athlete to ensure they begin with and replenish all the nutrients, which is again made easy with the Vitaplen liquid multi-vitamin.

Even though most athletes watch their diets for proper nutrition, many are still turning to a liquid multi-vitamin to ensure they are not being left behind by other athletes already aware of the benefits of the Vitaplen liquid multi-vitamin.

What all people, not just athletes, are also discovering about the Vitaplen liquid multi-vitamin is that not only does it help with providing daily nutrients or rounding out a not-so-balanced diet, the liquid multi vitamin doesn't interfere with any special diets or beliefs. For example, the Vitaplen liquid multi-vitamin is calorie and carbohydrate free, and is 100% vegetarian.

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