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A Healthy and Tasty Bubbly Drink!

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Finally there's a way to get your daily dose of healthy vitamins and minerals in a great tasting drink!



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A bubbly delicious vitamin beverage that quickly fuels the body with easily absorbed vitamins. Leaves you feeling healthy & young… supporting your bodies natural defenses and slowing the aging process. Get your daily minerals and vitamins in liquid form instead of taking pills. MultiVescence comes in easy to use individual packets… just pour into water and enjoy!

MultiVescence is a refreshing, easy way to get your daily recommended dose of minerals & vitamins in drink form... no hard to swallow pills! MultiVescence is delicious and contains all your vitamins & minerals in a powder that will quickly dissolve in water.

MultiVescence is perfect for the whole family – kids and adults!

It’s super important for kids to get the full spectrum of their minerals and vitamins daily… to ensure their bodies grow strong and healthy preparing for their future. You love your family! Everyday without the proper nutrition is time that your children can never get back!

The extra Vitamin C helps protect the whole family from all the germs waiting out there in the world. And most people do not eat 7 to 9 fruits & vegetables per day. With MultiVescence, your family will leave the house with increased vitality ready to face the world… all with just 1 bubbly delicious drink!

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Who needs a multi-vitamin?

Studies find that taking a multi-vitamin increases your health and vitality. Most people in this fast paced society eat a less that perfect diet. That leaves the body lacking in important nutrients and vitamins that a supplement can quickly and easily provide. MultiVescence is fused with important nutrients to support healthy body functions!

Why is a liquid vitamin better than a pill?

Many people find swallowing capsules or tablets difficult. But MultiVescence is a powder that dissolves easily in water. Liquids are easier to absorb by the body so they can be quickly moved and used throughout the body. Tablets are difficult to digest on the stomach …. Sometimes they can pass through the body without ever completely dissolving; therefore, the body does not even get the benefits intended from taking the vitamin at all.

MultiVescence Ingredients and Benefits:

• Vitamin A provides support for bones, eyesight, teeth, hair, skin, and reproduction system
• Zinc, Selenium, Citrus Bioflavinoids, and L-Glutamine supports total immunity
• Vitamin E and Vitamin C are superpower antioxidants that fight aging
• Vitamin Bs support natural energy
• Q10 Coenzyme supports the heart
• Magnesium and Calcium supports joints, bones, and heart health
• Folic Acid needed for normal development / growth
• Potassium regulates blood pressure
• Niacin supports healthy levels of cholesterol
• Replaces minerals & vitamins not consumed by a low fat or low carb diets
• Individual packets travel with you… easy to use, mix and enjoy!


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