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MultiVescence Vitamins

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Your Daily Dose of Vitamins in a Bubbly Drink!

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Multivescence is a refreshing and tasty way to get your daily dose of important vitamins.



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MultiVescence Vitamins

The mineral and vitamin powder comes in handy packets of single-servings; it’s very convenient since you can take it with you while traveling. When the Multivescence powder is mixed with water, it produces a bubbly and delicious drink and provides the same quality of minerals and supplements you get from capsules and tablets.

MultiVescence is an easy, refreshing way to get a daily dose of nutrition.

This vitamin and mineral powder comes in single-serving, convenient packets, so you can take MultiVescence with you wherever you go. When mixed in water, MultiVescence becomes a delicious, bubbly drink that gives you the same vitamins and minerals that you'd get from a complete multivitamin tablet.

The Benefits of MultiVescence

• Provides high energy levels
• Enhances healthy hair and skin
• Promotes cardiovascular health
• Supports a healthy immune system
• Enhances healthy digestion


The Perfect and Delicious Way to Insure the Nutrients for a Healthy Style of Living

The medical community agrees that taking a multivitamin on a daily basis is important for staying healthy. Significant research studies have shown that multivitamins have a significant and positive impact insuring a healthy immune system.

All major health organizations recommend people take a multiple supplement each day to stay healthy. Research shows that those who take a multi have stronger immune systems and an all around better sense of well being. No matter who you are, it is clear that taking a multivitamin like Multivescence is extremely important for healthy living.

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Multivitamins and the European Connection

In Europe they take a much more advanced approach when it comes to vitamin research. There, it is far more common for folks to take their daily vitamins in effervescent form. They find the in this form the vitamins are more easily absorbed and there is less likelihood of upset stomachs and/or heartburn then those associated with large tablets.

The Multivescence powder offers these benefits as well. Additionally, it is a great tasting drink. In fact, it tastes a lot like a berry soda. Plus, it is perfect for kids. Children love getting their vitamins via a tasty drink. And for those adults who also hate taking pills and capsules, the great tasting drink is perfect for them as well. The individual serving packs are perfect for vacations and traveling too.

Get All Your Antioxidants, Minerals, and Vitamins From a Single Source.

Multivescence is your all in one source for every essential vitamin. These include vitamin C, vitamin D, a variety of B vitamins, and vitamin A. Plus a single dose of Multivescence includes 100% of calcium requirements. There are also very healthy doses of zinc, selenium, copper, magnesium and potassium as well!

When preparing a glass of Multivescence you are preparing a healthy cocktail with a mix of coenzymes, lipoic acids and a wide variety of healthy and necessary amino acids. And perhaps most importantly is that these ingredients are already broken down for easy absorption by the body.

9 Great Benefits of Using Multivescence

1. The antioxidants, including vitamin E help keep your body young by fighting the aging process
2. Multivescence is great for growing children as they need a constant source of essential building blocks for their young bodies.
3. Vitamin C helps your immune system in keeping you from getting sick!
4. The vitamin A insures healthy skin, bones, eyesight, and teeth. Plus you’ll have healthy looking hair!
5. Potassium has been found to help insure a healthy circulatory system.
6. How about your sex life? L-Arginine and zinc are there for your sexual health in both women and men.
7. Get the nutrition from fruits and vegetables your body needs!
8. If you are on a diet, Multivescence helps insure you get proper nutrition as your calorie intake may be limited.
9. And the number 1 benefit is with Multivescence you will feel better and enjoy life more!

Multivescence is a delicious drink which contains most of the essential vitamins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals your body requires. The special effervescent effect aids in the absorption of all the great nutrients.

What's in MultiVescence?

MultiVescence is a collection of the most essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. This special effervescent formula makes absorption quick and comfortable as the ingredients are broken down in water before ingestion.

Q. Why do I need a multi vitamin?
A. Countless studies have some that those people who take a daily vitamin are healthier than those who do not. With the supplements we get the needed additions to our diet which may be lacking for one reason or another. After all, who among us really eats as we should?

Q. Why are bubbly vitamin drinks like Multivescence better?
A. First of all, swallowing tables can be difficult for some…especially children. Additionally, tablets can cause upset stomachs and even heartburn. The vitamins and minerals found in this great vitamin are already broken down into easily absorbed components…plus there are no fillers as found in caplets, etc. Lastly, the berry flavor just tastes good!

It’s just this easy: Open the pack of Multivescence, stir it into some cool water, and then enjoy! Adults and children alike will enjoy and benefit from the vitamin drink.


MultiVescence forms a powerful and tasty effervescent drink!

Effervescent vitamins like MultiVescence are a super alternative to difficult to swallow capsules. You’ll also avoid stomach upsets, bad aftertaste, and indigestion problems with hard vitamins. There is plenty of research that shows that when vitamins and minerals are distributed via liquid, the body has a far easier time of absorption. The benefits can began happening far fast with liquid vitamins.


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