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Fixing "Rotten" Teeth In Dogs

We have many people contact us who are worried about what they call “rotten dog teeth”. Although bad teeth in dogs are unsightly and not desired, there are more important issues to consider such as the dog’s overall health.

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Truly “rotten” teeth in dogs mean they are eroded and in such bad repair that they probably need pulled. However, most people who speak of rotten dog teeth are simply referring to teeth that have a heavy build-up of plaque. In most cases the plaque is unsightly, but the underlying tooth structure is still sound and in good shape.

The plaque can cause an extremely dangerous and sometimes even fatal condition. Poor dog dental health can lead to bleeding gums which can then lead to bacteria having access to the blood stream. When this occurs, serious conditions can result in various organs as the bacteria are allowed to migrate there.

Although is it far easier to prevent tartar buildup before it results in so called rotten dog teeth, it is possible to correct the situation after the fact. There are several ways to correct the problem of tartar buildup.

One method is called scaling and requires a vet to use general anesthetic. Although this is highly effective, the anesthesia can often have very harmful side effects. Older dogs especially should not be put under the anesthetic as they are much more vulnerable to the serious reactions and even death which can sometimes occur. There are safer ways to clean dog teeth without anesthesia.

Let it also be noted that a round of antibiotics are required after the dog teeth scaling procedure. In total, the cost can often exceed $400 for this procedure which many vets suggest performing once per year.

There are other methods which should be considered by the dog owner which are far safer and much less expensive. Petzlife products are designed specifically for removing tartar and getting rid of that “rotten dog teeth” appearance. Not only will it remove it safely, it can be used on a regular basis to safely and inexpensively maintain your dog’s dental health.

Although they are not a quick-fix method for restoring your dog’s pearly white teeth, the Petzlife products have virtually no side effects for your dog. They can safely be used on all dogs of all ages. After the plaque had been removed with daily cleanings, only cleaning 3 to 4 times per week is required for maintaining clean and healthy teeth.

After getting your dog accustomed to the teeth cleanings, which may take a few weeks of patience, the daily procedure need only last as long as is required to brush your own teeth. The resulting benefits the dog receives for these few minutes a day can be quite profound. Unsightly and rotten looking dog teeth will lead to, at the very least, the teeth falling out as the dog ages. Although bad, this of course is not a serious as other problems the dog could suffer from with the rotten teeth. The issue of bleeding gums and bacteria infections must be taken very seriously.



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