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First of all, dog arthritis and human arthritis are virtually the same. They are caused by the same thing and they have the same types of symptoms. There are no cures for dog arthritis, whether it is in a human or in a dog. There is no way to reverse the condition of dog arthritis completely.

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However, there are ways that pet owners may alleviate some of the pain and discomfort that their dogs suffer with arthritis. Almost all dogs get arthritis as they age, just as people do. Although there is no cure, we have found that glucosamine is a very good supplement for arthritis. Glucosamine aids in the structure and support of the dog's joints. Glucosamine is one of the main building blocks of joint tissue.

Arthritis occurs when the tissue within the joints deteriorates and the bones begin to rub together. There are nerve endings in the bones and when the bones touch and rub together, that causes pain. The glucosamine helps regenerate joint tissue in order to lubricate and prevent the rubbing together of the bones.

As a dog ages and develops arthritis, owners should be aware this is happening. Always take your dog to the vet and verify that the problem really is arthritis. Although there are prescription medications for dog arthritis, we highly suggest dog owners first try glucosamine for dogs. Although it doesn't work in every single case, many dogs respond exceptionally well to glucosamine. There are no side effects. It's 100% natural. It's very inexpensive compared to many prescription drugs for dog arthritis. It does not cover the pain up and it does not reverse the condition. However, it can dramatically slow down and give your dog temporarily relief as it rebuilds the joint tissue.

When your dog begins showing signs of dog arthritis, there are several things you should be aware of in order to make your dog more comfortable with the condition. Your vet may offer several choices of medications or supplements. We highly suggest that dog owners first try a glucosamine product. Glucosamine is very effective. It's 100% natural and there are no side effects as there are with some arthritis prescription medications for dogs.

Next, make sure that your dog gets plenty of exercise. It is very important to find the correct amount of exercise for your dog. Too little exercise and they can become stiffer and even show more signs of arthritis. If your dog gets too much exercise, they can aggravate their dog arthritis. Find the right amount of exercise that fits your dog best.

Next, try to keep your dog as warm as possible on cold nights. Preferably, your dog should stay in the house where it's warmer. Cold weather causes discomfort in dogs with arthritis. Also, be sure your dog has a soft place to sleep. Your older dog will feel much better when they have a soft place to sleep.

Next, make sure that your dog's weight is correct. Dogs that are overweight often show signs of arthritis earlier in their lives. If you allow your dog to carry too much weight, the extra weight on their joints can worsen their arthritis. It's very important that you control your dog's weight. We realize it's quite difficult to take the food away from your dog when they still act hungry, but it's important to keep your dog from being overweight.


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