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Dog Barking Collar

Safe and Humane...This DOES NOT SHOCK YOUR DOG!

"How to stop my dog from barking" is a common question many dog owners have. Many dogs get into an annoying habit of barking all the time at anything and everything. Since Kay and I live out in the country, it's not such a big deal that our dogs may bark sometime. However, for those of you who live in cities, your barking dog may bring you much grief with the neighbors!

Stop Your Dog From Barking
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There are some anti-bark collars on the market that work by shocking the dog when they bark. Although those may actually work, we feel there is a better and "nicer" way to train your dog not to bark.

This stop-barking collar works without hurting your dog:

  • Emits a safe, non-toxic spray when your dog barks
  • The natural spray simply "annoys" your dog with its odd smell.
  • Adjustable to fit any size dog
  • Weighs only 2.5 ounces so even small dogs can wear it comfortably.
  • Complete instruction and training manual included

It is possible to stop your dog from barking by correcting him or her yourself each time the barking begins. However, what about at night or when you are not around during the day? The dog at those times is allowed to bark without consequences.

This safe "stop barking" collar works all the time whether you are around or not. Best of all, since it does not hurt your dog in any way, it is safe to leave on your dog even when you are not home. Thus, the barking is controlled even without you needing to be present.

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Here's what happens when your dog barks with the collar in place:

  1. A small microphone in the collar pic up the barking sound.
  2. A small mist of harmless, but annoying spray is sprayed upward in the air around your dog's snout.
  3. This quite annoyes your dog and distracts him or her from barking.
  4. Additionally, the mist is a strange smell for your dog. Although it does not hurt your dog in any way, it is a smell most dogs will prefer not to smell.
  5. Your dog is conditioned that barking causes this unpleasant smell.
  6. After just a few days usually, the collar can be turned off or even removed and the dog will not bark as before.
  7. The collar can be used again at a later time if the dog "forgets" about the bad smelling mist and begins barking again.

Stopping your dog from barking can give you and your family peace of mind and often better sleep! Not to mention that in cities, some dogs can be labeled as a "nuisance" should their barking cause too many complaints from the neighbors.

Keeping your dog from barking can be a very uphill battle since barking comes very natural for dogs in general. Dogs bark for a variety of reasons, but oftentimes they are simply bored or have nothing else to do at the time. They must learn that barking can be good in some situations. We suggest you use the collar during times when your dog seems to bark in unwanted ways.

For example, if the barking occurs at night when the dog may simply be bored and wanting attention from you, this is a perfect time for using the collar. However, if your dog is in the house and occationally barks as he or she sees something or hears noises which might cause barking as he or she is "guarding", that may not be the best time to use the collar since most of us encourage barking in many of those situations.

Some dog owners living in cities have even taken the extreme measures of having their dog undergo surgery in order to remove their "barking vocal cords". Although this extreme measure for stoping your dog from barking may be better than being forced to move because of your dog being labeled a "nuisance to the neighborhood", we think eveyone should try a safer and more humane way of stopping dog barking.

Not to mention that this humane collar is safe for your dog, it is also quite inexpensive and easy to use. Since it does not shock your dog, you do not have to worry should the collar ever malfunction. Nothing would be worse than having a conventional anti-barking collar malfunction and shock your dog at the wrong times or non-stop until the batteries wear down!

Stop Dog Barking Safely

A safe and humane way to keep your dog from barking!




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