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Keep the comments coming! We love to hear from our customers!

Hi Synflex for pets has helped our 7 year old Tortioise cat immensely. The stiffness and arthritis symptoms are so alleviated with your product it is amazing. She able to jump into our bed again and snuggle with us! Such a blessing. Thank You, Mara

HI! LOVE YOU SITE AND LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS! I have tried sooo many liquid glucosomines over the years, and nearly lost my cookies every time I took it. The biggest problem was, it was so awful, I just wouldn't take it! Your Synflex product is fabulous. I dilute one dose with about two parts water and just happily chug it down. THANK YOU! Ann Scott

Hi Kay,
I get Flexicose for my dog, Bobby. He is a six year old lab and has had surgery on both elbows and knees. I have always given him Glucosamine/Chondrotin/MSM in pill form, but never really felt it was helping. A friend of mine was giving her dog Flexicose and convinced me to give it a try. I did and after about ten days, I noticed an improvement. I can't begin to tell you how happy I was. He has been on it for quite a while now and is still doing great. I have always been very pleased with your service and prices. Good things should be shared, so I will continue to spread the word. Thank you and thank you Flexicose.
Sincerely, Larry F.

The Synflex arrived yesterday. I've been using Synflex for my dogs for several years, with very good results. I start them on it when they are 7 because I feel it would be good for a preventative. My current dog, Daisy, is almost 15 and has no arthritis. I want to thank you very much for such fast shipping. I belong to a Westie club and have already told the members about your wonderfual servie and fast shipping. I know I'll be back! Sandy

WOW! I wanted to write and let you know how great petzlife toothpaste has been working on my 2 papillons.

MOJO, a 13 year old male, has had pretty good teeth for the majority of his life. He has been to the vet once for cleaning and the pulling of a couple of broken teeth (he used to chew hard items and broke teeth doing so). Plaque and tarter were not a big problem.

SPARKY, a 14 year old male, has had dental problems since he was a puppy. In fact, even though his parents were international champs, the breeder was selling him as a 'pet pap' due to the fact his teeth were sooo small and he would not qualify as a show dog. We jumped at the chance to being him into our lives, even with the breeders warning: he is going to have dental problems! We started to use a vet-supplied dog tooth paste on a daily basis, gave carrots and vegetables to him, special chews, ect.

BOY! has he had dental issues. He has been to the vet for teeth cleaning 4-5 times (each time he was put down with an anesthesia that took a couple of days for him to be 'back to normal' (even though the vet said it was mild, for small dogs). He has continually had very bad breath, rotten teeth that needed to be pulled and very bad, bad, bad plaque.

Over the last year a heart mummer has been discovered and we do not want to go through another cleaning with him. Unfortunately the plaque just keeps growing. Our dream would be for his teeth to look like your 'before' picture.

During the last few months I have been exploring different alternative options, but nothing really hit home for me....until I ran across your website. I ordered the gel and spray combo about 10 days a go and started using it twice a day.

Unbelievable. The plaque is still bad, but I know something must be working as his breath is completely improved! What used to smell like a 'fish's toilet' now smells like a clean mouth. A 100% improvement. I can only hope/believe that the plaque will start to reverse itself as well. MOJO is using the gel as well and he seems to like the taste and his breath is better.

I will continue to let you know the improvement, but I wanted to write you and let you know how grateful I am for your product.

Thank you so very much,
Kay C.

Got the shipment of liquid glucosamine today. Wow, you guys are quick! Jim took his first dose
tonight so will give you some feedback later. If this product works as well
as it did on our elderly MinPin, Penny, the results will be amazing. Jim and Nancy

Hi Steve, And A Happy New Years To You and Kay. I just wanted to comment on the Synflex and the Synflex Power Plus: so far my Mom DOESN'T COMPLAIN AS MUCH FROM THE ARTHRITIS PAIN ON HER THUMB AREAS .


We love the Synflex for our dogs. Our older dog, Luna, is looking and feeling much better since we began using it. We look forward to ordering synflex again soon! Thank you! Stephanie B.

Hi Steve & Kay: I really appreciate your e-mails and products you make available. I am an arthritis sufferer. The flexicose has been a blessing to me. I was very active in outdoor activities in my earlier years growing up in Colorado, but developed chondromalacia of both knees in my early thirties which required surgery. The flexicose has extended the usage of my knees for which I am thankful. Sorry to hear of the loss of "Red". Thank you again for your great service and product, Michael F.

Wanted to tell you how pleased I am to find your store. When you said fast
service you were not kidding. I have used the petzlife cleaning gel and it
really works well. You also offer this product at a great price. I will be
ordering from you again and will tell all my dog friends about your store.
Thank you Stephanie B.

I am great with the Synflex for Pets (I have seen awesome results!!!) and will continue to order that. **And I recommend your site to everyone!!! You do a great job of service and pricing!
Thanks. Jeri L.

Name: Cherie Hoke

Hi Folks! I am on my 2nd order of Syn-flex pets beef. I first started the program for my dog, Stella who has a really bad hip. At first, I really didn’t see much improvement but then, about the 3rd month…I started seeing some improvement and she was feeling like a young pup. She still walked with a limp but felt better! I ran out and didn’t get around reordering for like a month. I can see that Stella was going downhill again and I immediately ordered some Syn-flex! I will be sure that she stays on it for the rest of her old age life! I also give some to my 110 adorable lab, Jaxson as well. I do believe your products does work!! Keep up the good work and Thank You!!!!! Cherie

Thank you so much for your prompt service regarding my recent order. Look forward to doing business with you in the future. Have a great day. Joan P.

Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for supplying a great product! I also really appreciate the speedy delivery The product comes fast, is wrapped well to prevent any damage and always of fresh quality!! Thank you, David of Denver

This is really great stuff! Has helped me a lot. --Gloria I.

My Westie, Daisy, is almost 15. I've been using Synflex since she was 7 for a preventative. She has no arthritis.
Sandy D.


Hi Steve And A Happy New Years to You and KAY . .

I just wanted to comment on the Synflex:


My brother visited  the other day and noticed THE SWELLING WENT DOWN SOME


Robert Rivera

Fumanchu is a 14 year old Keeshond with arthiritis.
He's climbing the stairs fairly good after two bottles of flexicose.
Norma F. from AZ

I received the Flexicose Monday. Thanks for the quick service. I actually get Flexicose for my dog, Bobby. He is a six year old lab and has had surgery on both elbows and knees. I have always given him Glucosamine/Chondrotin/MSM in pill form, but never really felt it was helping. A friend of mine was giving her dog Flexicose and convinced me to give it a try. I did and after about ten days, I noticed an improvement. I can't begin to tell you how happy I was. He has been on it for quit a while now and is still doing great. Good things should be shared, so I will continue to spread the word. Thank you and thank you Flexicose.
Larry F.

Thanks for your excellent service and for a product that really works for me.
Barb C. from Salt Lake City

Very good product, helped our yellow lab to maintain a steady walking routine and lost 20 pounds in 3 months. Without it he shows signs of hip displacia like limping or a slower gate than normal. We hope he loses another 15 pounds to prolong his lifetime. This has been a much better product for him that easily digests and is by all appearances readily available unlike the pill form which must be crushed and does not have as positive an affect on him.
Phil J. CA

I ordered Synflex 1500 for my dog Manny, not realizing I'd ordered the wrong product. I figure it was a "happy accident" in that I should try it myself. This second order is for my dog. I was impressed with how quickly you delivered my previous order. Thank you for the good service!

Judi C.

Very pleased with service, communication and prices. This was my second purchase and I will be shopping with them again.
Lisa C.

Thank you, very nice, very easy & no shipping, yeah!
Oscar C. from TX

We have a 13 year old Dalmation that has been diagnosed with disc disease. Nothing has helped. We purchased one bottle 2 weeks ago and we are happy with the results so far-will let you know if he can finally get up on his back legs by himself. Hopefully we will know soon. Your story of your Dalmation was so inspiring. Our dog, Pilikia, also was giving Predosone and Aspirin. He was not a happy camper. He is so much better natured now and acts more like his old self everyday.

Shirley H. from HI

"This is my second time purchasing from Cactus Canyon. Their prices are the best. My purchase was shipped out the same day, and I was not overcharged for shipping. I also appreciate that I get an e-mail letting me know when the item is being shipped. I will continue to shop at Cactus Canyon."


My 11 year old toy poodle will be 12 years old in Sept. 2009. He had a bad bout with his back last November and since he has been on this synflex he acts like he is still a puppy. Debra S.

I can't swallow pills easily, so I need a liquid product. Not only is Flexicose easy to take, but it seems to work better than the pills that I used to struggle to take. I priced other brands of liquid glucosamine at Wal-Mart and there was very little difference in price and I feel I am getting a better quality product. Karen C. 

I bought the PetzLife oral care gel for my two dogs last week, I have used it at night for 4 nights and have already noticed a big difference in my 12 year olds teeth, she had a lot of plaque and tarter in the very back and it is over half way gone, I'm also using it on my 4 year old and have noticed a change in her front canine teeth, her teeth are pretty good because she is still pretty young but we are using it as a preventative. Because of the age of my older dog and my 4 year old has had a couple of sezures I was so worried to have them put under to have their teeth cleaned. I'm so happy I found this product.   Laurie M.

Back in May '09 my little Cairn Terrier, Belle tore an ACL ligament in her rear left knee. I took her to the vet and the vet proceeded to tell me that she needed an immediate surgery to the tune of  $700.00 to $900.00 of course it could be more depending on what they find when they go in.

Well, being that I have been unemployed ,due to a disability of my own for almost a year, that price set me to thinking of alternative treatments. So I went home and fired up the computer.

Upon searching the Internet, I found several treatments but I choose to try Synflex for Pets Glucosamine Complex Joint Cartilage Protection and Growth from Cactus Canyon. I wanted a liquid that could mix in with her food.

I ordered a bottle for only $24.99 and I loved the free shipping option too.

Catcus Canyon folks are soooo very nice to deal with.

I gave the recommended dosage of Synflex to Belle, and after only 3 weeks she was starting to walk on her leg again. Before the Synflex she would not even put her little leg down. The Synflex is a thick liquid which I believe allows it to get into the dogs system and create a protective coating around all the joints. I ordered another bottle long before the first one was empty.

I will keep Belle on the Synflex for the rest of her life. She is 10 yrs old now. I am hoping it will keep her from getting arthritis in that joint as well.

It has been 4 months since she tore the ACL ligament and she is now almost as active as she was before. She is back to her favorite thing, chasing her tennis ball around the yard. Of course I do not throw it as far as I use to. I can't help but be more careful with her now. But, you cannot keep a good terrier down. lol

I had her back to the vet 4 weeks ago for a check up and he said she is healing nicely, that there is a new cartilage forming around the injury and she will not be needing any expensive surgery.

Thank you. I will be ordering more very soon.

Belles Mom, Ellen R.

Cactus Canyon has been an excellent source for my liquid multi-vitamin solution, I would recommended them to anyone that is looking for fair prices and excellent quality vitamins.

Darren L. - OR

Thank you for the great service you've provided myself and others for quite some time. While the synflex product itself is awesome, it's the fast, efficient, and reliable service that keeps me ordering from your site. Thank you again, and keep up the very good work.

-Ray S.

I have been taking both Flexicose and Synflex for about 5 years. They have virtually eliminated the back pain I suffered from, so much so that I never even think about my back anymore! I play golf frequently, garden occasionally (I'm not much of a gardener!!!), lift heavy things (not too heavy!!!) and, in general, lead an active life. I'm 77 (78 in October). I now give preference to Synflex because it does not have to be kept in a refrigerator and this is convenient since we travel frequently. I have recommended these 2 products to several of my friends and they have also been very pleased and often comment whenever we see each other.

Sincerely, Michael L.

Hi Steve & Kay,   I have been using Flexicose Glucosamine since Apr. 2006, that's 3 Yrs. & 4 months. Before that I was buying pills from the drug store but kept reading how more efficient the liquid glucosamine works & that's when I started searching the web & found your site & it really works for me very well. I use 1/4 oz. 1st thing in the morning from the refrigerated bottle & it works for me. I'll keep using it too. Thanks, Vito T.

I've been giving Flexicose to my dogs for several years now, and I have been really pleased with it.  I've got Great Danes, and as you may or may not know they are generally not a long-lived breed.  Even worse, it is not uncommon for them to start to have problems due to arthritis or other degenerative joint problems when they are just 5 or 6 years old.

A few years ago I had a Dane who, at the age of 10, was still sound enough to compete in Rally obedience and she was one of the first dogs in the country - of ANY breed - to finish a high level Rally title.

And now, our oldest girl is 8 and still competing successfully in AKC Agility.  Agility is a high-impact sport requiring the dog to run and either jump or climb over a variety of obstacles.  She not only is still enjoying this, but I just got notice in the mail that she is ranked #3 in Agility of all Great Danes in America, and has been invited to the prestigious AKC Invitational Agility Championships this winter in Long Beach!!

So- bragging aside :-) - I have to say that I am a BELIEVER in the benefits of a superior Glucosamine/Chondroitin product like Flexicose!

Barb B. - Texas

I have a 10.5 year old Border Collie, Carmen. Carmen has had Hip Dysplasia since she was young, and eventually developed arthritis in her legs.  Carmen also had a completely torn ACL, and arthritis in both knees.  I started using Synflex and later Synflex for Pets when she was about 6 years old, and this has helped her tremendously.  Carmen has not slowed down at all, you would think she was a puppy.  I feel that she would not be doing as well as she is if it were not for the Synflex.

I call it my miracle juice for my dog!

Thank you, Zorka

I am a reasonably active 78 yr old who was sidelined 4 years ago as a result of protruding discs in my lower back which had become arthritic.  My daughter-in-law had been using your product for herself and her goldens.  She sent me a bottle and I have been using it ever since.  It definitely makes a big difference in my lifestyle and I have fewer occasions to use pain medications.  Thanks.

Shirley Y., New York

Thanks for the gift! And thanks for great shipping! And great prices. I feel good and have allot of energy.What could I ask for! Thanks! Kathy

Thank you, Steve.

Your product is doing a great job in cleaning my dog's teeth.

BTW, my name is Lou!

Hi Steve.
You guys are the best!! I got the goods yesterday, super fast shipping. Sometimes on e bay orders I wait 2 weeks. Thanks for the great service and the special gift.

I just wanted to let you know that we tried this because our 13 year old dog was walking like there was something wrong with her spine. Our vet said give her some aspirin and she was just getting old. We thought, what the heck, we'll try syn-flex and see what happens. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! In a few weeks she was back to running and jumping and playing with her 2 year old puppy!

Thank you!

Dear Steve,

I just want to tell you how impressed I was regarding my 1st order with Cactus Canyon LLC. The Syn-flex Liquid Glucosamine arrived yesterday, such fast service! It is for my 11-year-old granddog [my son's dog] whom I love dearly. This will be her first experience with glucosamine. If it works like it does for my 72-year-old joints then she's in for a real treat.

Thanks again. You get my business and I'll recommend your site to my dog friends!


Anyway, I will still be using the 1500 formula for both myself and my three labs and will be placing a reorder shortly. Have definitely noticed a difference in all of us and it's much easier to swallow than pills! I don't think my dogs mind the orange flavor but will probably give the "pet" formula beef flavored a try when it becomes available. Thanks again for your info.

Thank you, you have a wonderful website and an even better shipment processing and notification system. I am very impressed.
The Great Danes and I thank you.


We received our order of Syn-flex today. Thanks for the prompt and
very friendly service! That is very much appreciated.



Thank you, Steve, I appreciate your confirmation of order and notification of shipping. Martin

Good work guys as always

more people need to know about your site, too many just trust vets for info---and get none! I am adding the URL to a list.

We once had a dog whose teeth were cleaned. She died a few days later. Her liver was cancerous. The vet did no blood test before heavily sedating her. It made her last days harder than necessary.


I received my order yesterday and couldn't be more pleased with the efficient and very fast service. If the Syn-flex helps my dog I'll will definitely order from you in the future.
Thank you,

Thank you so much for you "always" prompt
attention. It is much appreciated.......Syble

Thanks for the great customer support, Steve.
And for helping to keep my dogs healthy. Michelle

Thanks! Your product has worked wonders on my dog. Thanks! Lyn

My beloved German Shepherd Sunka died last year
in September and I am sure you know how much it still hurts!! Ibelieved
Glucosamine improved his quality of life until he died 3 months before
his 12th birthday. I , myself ,intend to take Glucosamine more
regularly hoping that it will delay my knee replacement surgery ?! Let's

Thanks you , Maggie

Hi Steve:

Just wanted to send you another pic of my daughter.
This would be a great advertisement for Synflex.
An 11 year old dog with hip dysplasia who is still
very active and goes swimming and hiking all the

Also, I will be placing an order for more Synflex
this week.



Order arrived today. Thanks and well packaged.
Have a good weekend !!

After bilateral arthroscopic knee surgery for torn cartilage
I tried numerous joint supplements with extremely poor
results. Tried Syn-Flex 1500 with great hesitation, but after two
months the nagging pain was gone & I have resumed all of my former
activities plus some. I now play singles tennis, walk
3miles / day, and bike every evening...I am 58 yrs.old & my joints feel
[From Cactus Canyon: This was a Yahoo Merchant Account's customer feedback]

It was a pleasure shopping with Cactus Canyon. Upon ordering merchandise from this company everything went like clockwork. Confirmation was sent immediately followed by notice that the item was shipped the next day. Delivery was amazingly rapid, item packaged carefully and securely, along with a welcoming note to me as a new customer. Service doesnt get much better than that. I will always be a customer of Cactus Canyon and look forward to ordering from them again soon.

Thank you for the note. This stuff is amazing and has added years to my German Shepard Bob’s life! We are both thankful to have an affordable resource and to still be able to take long summer walks together.

Kathleen and Bob the Dog

I mistakenly had gone to the wrong site to order from Cactus
- my mistake). I wrote to Cactus Canyon and was e-mailed that same day
with the fix. Great customer service!

Thanks Cactus Canyon!

Thank you so much. I have never done business with your company before but, already, have a good feeling about your customer service. You can be assured that if I am satisfied with your products, I will become a regular customer.

Not only have you saved us money, your service is superb. Thanks Diana


Thanks very much. You have excellent customer service. This is my 2nd purchase from you. I'll be back again.


Hi, just wanted to thank-you for the super fast
shipping! It only took a couple of days for the
flexicose to get here. I have high hopes for the
effects of the flexicose.
Thanks again,
Neal and Carol

Thank you for your efficiency in filling my past

Hello Steve,

My triple greens arrived today. Pretty quick
turnaround, thankyou very much!



I’m a pretty active 55 year old. My knees have been sore and the stinging pain has been almost continuous for 6 – 12 months.
After the first bottle of Flexicose I could notice the difference!
I have placed my second order – this time for two bottles of Syn-flex.
I consider your efforts in promoting/selling these products to extremely worthwhile.
Thanks very much!

Warmest regards,

Sydney, Australia

Thanks Steve! You guys rule!

Thank You. Always a pleasure doing business with
you. Andrew

Thank you , Steve. I appreciate your prompt service !
Take care and stay warm. What a dreadful January you in OK have
had this year. I hope all is well with you and yours.

Hi Steve,

Just to let you know, I received my Flexicose today. It took only about 7-8 business days {edit: this was an AUSTRALIA shipment}.
I'm very happy with your service and the delivery time, so from now on I will order from you every month.

Best Regards,

wow,put the order in on monday and had the shipment on

thank you, yvonne ireland


I first started ordering from Cactus Canyon when the vet told me we’d probably have to put our 5 year old lab down soon due to severe arthritis and in the meantime keep him on Rimydll which was deadly too. I did some research and came across your wonderful company with it’s many great products. Let me tell you first that our dog Jack is now 6 ½ years old and running around like a pup! No more dangerous pain meds, just the synflex and he looks and feels great. I’ve passed this info on to all my friends for themselves and their dogs.

I just recently got my 82 year old mother to start taking the synflex too, for fibromyalgia, arthritis, hip problems, you name it. She can feel a real difference and is very happy with the results and the quick deliveries too. Now, if she could just force me to take payment from her (won’t ever happen!) she’d be really happy. Seriously, thank you so much for your great products, great prices and wonderful customer service!

Michele A.

Dear Mr. Weber,

This was my first time ordering form you folks and I have to say that
doing business with you has been more than a pleasure! Not only was the
price great, but your delivery time was absolutely remarkable (I placed
order Friday 2-09 and received it today at noon on Monday,
2-12!!)...and I
thank you for both. Quite truthfully, it truly was a pleasure doing
business with you! You may count on my business in the future and I
highly recommend you to any and all!

Best regards,


I just wanted to tell you also that I have been very
pleased with your product. As I'm sure I've told
you, my Border collie is 10 w/ hip dysplasia and
arthritis. I've been giving her Ester C, vitamin E,
Selenium, Glucosamine tablets, and Synflex and she
runs around like she's a puppy. She, of course,
still has stiffness and she bunny hops up stairs, but
she is able to take very long walks with me and run
around a bit. I meet a lot of people while I'm out
with her and I have recommended Synflex to anyone
who tells me their dog has arthritis.

Thank you!!



Thank you! I'll be returning again and boy is like a young pup again!

Have a great weekend,
Denise & Rowdi

Hi Steve,
Thanks for the package, I'm sure I will enjoy your product.
Will give others your web site.
have a good day.

You guys (& gals), at Cactus Canyon, are awesome! Thanks a lot!


Thank you so much, the one bottle I got has
already made such a difference in my GSD's life.

Just a word to confirm my order and to tell you that it was a pleasure
visiting your website. I started by looking for one product and ended
up finding both products at your site for considerably less than other
sites. I will certainly refer others to your site.
Thank you.

I am a senior citizen on a fixed income who has found this site to
be the most considerate, clearly written, and predictable company to do
business with.

Hi Steve,

I'm going to try out both types of the liquid
glucosamine and see what the results are like over the
next several months. So far the results have been
impressive..I feel alot less stiffness and pain in
both knees, and the desired effect is very rapid. I
will keep in touch. Keep up the great service!


Dear Steve and staff:

I would like to wish all of you at Cactus Canyon a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for me and my family.

Thank you for everything,


Cactus Canyon did an excellent job in providing me with the
product I needed as well as being very helpful in the information of the
product. I look forward to doing business with Cactus Canyon again real

Great people, great products.


Just wanted to let you know what great customer support, communication
and fast shipping you have! You definitely have earned another repeat
customer! So many on-line shops today don't have fast shipping or even
average customer support. Kudos!


Dear Steve,

I just reordered another six bottles of Vitaplen from you, but I wanted you to know why I ordered from you and not some other vendor: In all cases where I have ordered from you in the past, you have been thorough and and speedy in my ordering. I thank you for that since I am a retired senior citizen on a fixed income who could not deal with all types of ordering dilemmas ....

My best wishes to you and yours for continued success and health in the new year.



That's why I'm a return customer. Good products, prices and excellent
service. Keep up the good work!

Thanks! You guys are great...

Thank you for such a quick delivery. I received my package Wednesday morning. Have a blessed holiday. Dianna

Stuff work GREAT, Dog can hop around and play
again! Craig

Hi Steve,

That's great. Thanks again for the promt service. I am continually sending my friends your way for Synflex and other items. Most of them are dog owners with older dogs like mine. I have a 10 year old Doberman and I can't what a difference this product has made in her life. She has arthritis of the spine. Instead of giving her a medication that could deteriorate her internal organs I opted for Synflex. She has been on it for 2 years and she still acts like a puppy with my other two dogs. Thanks again. I will continue to send new customers your way.

P.S I attached a picture of my dog Teeya for you. I just wanted you to see one of the dogs that is benefiting from this great product.


The pleasure is all mine. After using the Vitaplen I've noticed a huge
difference with my mental focus. I thought it was strong before, but my
mind never gets tired during the day anymore. I don't know what it is
about the product. I just know that it's made me feel great and lets me work
at an optimum level. I thought I'd give the triple greens a try since
it's can't hurt to get more vegetables in the diet. Thanks for providing
such great products at such great prices.


Excellent customer service. I received an email from a real live
human being when my orders ship date was delayed by just one day!

I was referred to you by our Pastor who buys this product from you and is well satisfied with the results.

Thanks for your prompt service, we appreciate

keep up the good work

My friend in Oklahoma ordered from you
and sweares by this Flexicose.

I tried a bottle of SynFlex for my dog who is
suffering from dysplasia. This formula has worked miracles for her and
she loves the taste! Thank you so much for the relief that it gives to

Cactus Canyon had the best prices and extremely fast , low cost
shiping. I will definitely purchase from again! Thanks! Kristine

Thanks so much, Steve. I appreciate the service, products and personal
touch you offer.

Have a great weekend.


Rowdi is doing wonderfully on Synflex!!!!!!

Very happy with the product and your service!

Hi Steve, I'm reordering synflex from you, b/c
you guys were great to deal with last time, and very fast with shipping
Thanks! Jon

Thank you so very much on returning my e-mail so fast!! I would have never expected it. That only shows how much you really care about your customers!

Thanks and as usual, you guys are great!
steve H.

thanks Steve! We continue to be pleased with your product and customer service! Cheers, Beth
I am a return customer. Look forward to doing
future business with you also. Have a great day!

Hi Steve,

Flexicose has reduced the daily pain. Now I am able to do normal
stuff. I like ordering from you because I get the case price.

Thanks for the lack of pain,


I have ordered from you before and was very
pleased with your service. Steve called me prior to placing that order and
spent 15-20 minutes from his cell phone, while traveling, to give me
the info that I needed. That meant a lot to me. Andrew

Guys, my order arrived today. Nice going! Your prompt attention to my predicament has earned you a devoted customer.


We really feel these vitamins are having a
positive effect in our lives.
Thanks, Kay

Great place to buy from and they have gained my confidence. The
prices are great and they are on top of their shipping time so never any

Time to reorder Flexicose!! I gave one bottle to my sister from Georgia(Synflex). She took about half and thought it was placebo effect; so she quit a while. The pain came back.

My other skeptical sister was sent home with my last bottle Sunday.
I meet a lot of the public with my roofing sales and giving out your site frequently.
Please send 3 new bottles Flexicose. Do you need Visa info?
Mike Hart

hi steve, dogs doing great on this, will order again
in feb,

thx Dennis

Fabulous transaction with CactusCanyon!
Perfect customer service!
Friendly emails!
Speedy delivery of product!
We will most definitely be shopping with them again!
5 Stars *****


Keep providing the good, friendly service and you keep customers.


Hi Steve - I'm back yet again -
Rosie is still doing really well on the Flexicose. Thanks to such a great product.
Thanks -

From Yahoo Feedback:
I would highly reccommend this site; their products are very
reasonably priced and they were arrived just a few days after I placed the

I am very pleased with the results of useing flexicose, but you know, I can't get anyone else to change to liquid. I took the pills for 2 years and had no relief. I am 70 years old and was haveing trouble climbing stairs. After 8 weeks of using flexicose I have had no more knee or hand pain. When they took vioxe off the market I thought I was through, but no more.

Thanks Maurice

Thank you, Steve. As always, it is a pleasure doing business with you
and your
very dependable company ! Hope you are enjoying your Summer.

Dear Steve:

Attached is a picture of Buffy, my 8 1/2 year old American Bulldog. Buffy has arthritis in both shoulders and elbows. Since switching her Glucosamine supplement to Synflex, she is now trotting on her walks.



i also want to take the time again to thank you very much for giving our sammy back his smile and his puppy dog look when hes being cuter than normally. sammy has also been on a prescription diet to help with his weight and my vet said that he was very pleased that we started him on your product..thank you.. sandi
sammy says aarff ruuuuuffffffff arf!!!!!!!


The way you responded to my "mini-crisis", the positive way and the speed in which you did it, showed me who you really are: excellent people...who deserve my business. No worries there, I am very loyal.

Thanks to one and all,


You are very welcome. It is always a pleasure and a huge perk to do
business with a small group as you have with Kay. Thank you! The last
bottle was shipped promptly!


Thank you! It's done wonders for my dog's knees, so I'll keep coming back every month!


Steve, I am happy my friend recommended your site. Great price. I have passed it on to several more friends. My 15 yr old Wheaten Terrier is still going on 2+ miles walks with me because of this stuff. Hope it works for me too.

Thanks again.



I received my order today. I just wanted to thank you for the amazingly fast shipping and wonderful emails regarding the status of the items. I do a decent amount of Ebay and I understand how important it is to have sharp customer service skills, and you present that fantastically. So thanks again, and I’m sure I will be purchasing more flexicose from you within a month or two!!

Take care,


Thank you for shipping me 3 bottles of this in Iraq. It has made a big difference in the overall health of my knee.

(Note from Steve: We don't ship to Iraq directly. We do ship to military APO addresses which can end up in Iraq)

Thank you Steve and Kay for offering Vitaplen to such affordable prices. My husband and I appreciate people that want to make a difference!


Hi Folks,
I ordered SynFlex for our German Shepherd Dog "Luke". Our poor little boy was born with elbow dysplasia. He had surgery at seven months old on both elbows in an attempt to delay the onset of the pain that was waiting for him. At 3 1/2 years old he started limping - much sooner then we had hoped! We started giving him glucosamine in tablet form. This helped a little but not enough, - he still had a noticable and painful limp. After using SynFlex 1500 for about a month, we thought we saw a little improvement; at least enough to try it for another month. After two months---UNBELIEVABLE!!! Luke's limp is completely gone. He's running and jumping with his sister "Tessa" as if he were a completely healthy puppy. We can't thank you enough but we'll try anyway: THANK YOU!!!THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!
P.S. Since I have "bad" knees, I'm going to try it too.

I never thought I'd be writing to anyone about their arthritis product. After five days, I felt a difference. I'm into my third week. I am able to shake hands with people, clench my fists, and hold a pencil. I simply cannot believe that this product works, BUT IT DOES!
I have started my 85 year old mother, and my brother on Syn-flex. After only seven days my brother started walking again, relatively pain-free.

This product is awesome. I have told lots of others about it, and they are ordering on their own. Thank you so very much for making this product available.

Most sincerely,
Mt. Laurel, NJ

This is to let you know I have had good success with the Syn-flex. I have had 4 knee surgeries on my left knee and 1 surgery on my right knee .I am 49 yrs old and have been an athlete all my life until 5 yrs ago when I started have severe knee problems that date back to 1980. I took Celebrex for a while which did work but I am also Hep C positive non-reactive and was concerned for my liver and Celebrex so I decided to try this liquid glucosamine and have found that it has helped lessen my pain and has taken away my need for Celebrex.

I also have a cat "Matthew" who has hip dysplasia and he has had great success with Syn-flex as well.

Ellen Newton
Jacksonville, FL

I have been taking Syn-flex for about a month now, 1/4 oz. every morning. I have about finished the first bottle, and I certainly do feel an improvement in joint movement and pain relief, especially the knees. Will tell you more after the second bottle


This is my second order with you, I am very pleased with this product and our 7 yr old yellow lab, Kodiak who suffers from elbow and hip problems is doing real well on Syn-flex 1500.


Synflex has made it possible to live with my neck!
A million thanks!!

Steve, thanks. We're giving it to our dog and she seems to move much better -- thank you! Kim

Steve, thank you for your quick reply. Please keep me posted. My dog is on SynFlex 1500 and is getting near the end of her bottle. By the way, it has made a tremendous difference in her! Thanks again.

I've ordered twice now from Cactus Canyon and both times, the
merchandise has arrived very quickly with no issues. I am very pleased with
their service and plan to order from them for my future purchases.

Thanks for the great price!!!

Hi Steve,

Great, thanks! We give it to our dog, Maggie for her
arthritis twice a day. She loves it and thinks it is a
special treat.



I received my order today. Thank you for the great service!


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