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Super Reds

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Phytonutrients That Promote Healthy Aging

University of Michigan chemist Moses Gromberg isolated the first organic free radical in his laboratory in 1900. It was his finding that led to ground breaking thinking in biochemistry which subsequently impacted the entire medical science and research community.


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Without the discovery of the first “free radical” the “free radical theory of aging” could not have been conceived as soon as it was in November of 1954. This theory has been the basis for research concerning free radical effect on human health for the last few decades and the discovery of Super Reds phytonutrient properties. Read more about Super Reds antioxidant.

Definition of Free Radicals

Atoms or molecules that have unpaired electrons are commonly known as free radicals. The negatively charged particles that circulate around the nucleus of an atom are called electrons. They usually occur in pairs. When they become unpaired, they are highly reactive, and hastily seek to replace the missing electron from another atom to restore equilibrium.

Free Radicals and What They Do

Free radicals are aggressive and reactive molecules looking for another electron. They are the result of exposure to environmental toxins ( pesticides, air pollution, etc.) and our metabolism. Whilst looking for electrons to balance them, they cause certain disaster for cells. Their main damage is done to DNA and the cell membrane which reduces the cells ability to obtain nutrients or communicate with other cells. They are in existence throughout the body and commune with all cells. Super Reds work to defend these cells.

It is a ferocious cycle. This process of electrons pilfering electrons from other atoms causes these atoms to become free radicals themselves. It can lead to severe, lasting damage to many cells of the body. This process is also known to ultimately lead to organ and tissue damage and disease.

Research on free radical damage is being done at a rapidly developing rate. It is believed that many health maladies may be the result of collective free radical damage. The human aging effects on the body have also been linked to free radical damage as well as accelerated aging. The antioxidant power of Super Reds may help alleviate this problem.

Antioxidant Super Reds

Antioxidants serve to neutralize free radicals by satisfy their hunger for electrons allowing their removal from the body. Our bodies have developed this defense system to counteract the harmful effects of the oxygen deprived cells. The removal of these cells allows us to remain healthy and subsequently protecting the cells and tissues of the body. By satisfying the cells “hunger” Super Reds can stop the chain of events that lead to cell destruction, organ and tissue deterioration.

A balance is obtained between the antioxidant systems and the number of free radicals produced when the body is healthy; and the antioxidants ability to neutralize the free radicals is greatly increased. Specific antioxidants, such as those found in Super Reds, work to neutralize different types of free radicals. Other types of antioxidants work to preserve and recycle other antioxidants for later use. The natural body response has developed and adjusted the antioxidant defenders to acclimatize to a large extent of attacks by free radicals.

Increasing Antioxidant Intake

Besides the supplements found in Super Reds, a superb choice for increasing intake can be found in fruits and vegetables. They are high in vitamins and minerals and contain a wide variety of bioflavonoids, which are the substances that contribute to the vivid colors given to the fruits and vegetables. They also have extraordinary function at combating free radicals.

The recommended servings of fruits and vegetables, as supplied by the CDC (The National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion), is between 5 and 9 servings on a daily basis to ensure adequate intake of antioxidants for health maintenance. However, in 2002 a survey was conducted nationwide and found that 82% of men and 72% of women are not meeting the daily intake requirements of the recommended allowance of fruits and vegetables. Another good reason for including the antioxidant properties of Super Reds in your daily supplement routine.

Super Reds is a high potency formula that has a wide variety of antioxidant activity. Aside from increasing your daily intake of fruits and vegetables, supplemental sources such as Super Reds is essential to maintaining the health of our body systems.

Highly Active Antioxidants Found In Phytonutrients and Bioflavonoids

Polyphenols are found in plants. They are largely responsible for the different colors seen in plants, fruits and vegetables. The largest component found in these is bioflavonoids. Other than the inclusion of Super Reds in your diet, excellent sources for finding these would include berries, grapes, pomegranate and citrus fruits, as well as green tea leaves.

Research has discovered the effects of these compounds also have a great deal of benefits for heart, immune, liver, brain and joint support. According to studies they also possess powerful antioxidant properties. They are possibly the most effective of natural free radical fighters. Studies have shown, in addition to the use of Super Reds, the effects of long term ingestion of certain flavonoids have the ability to support normal heart function and contribute to overall healthier bodies in those with a higher daily intake.



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