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Vitaplen Liquid Multi-Vitamin

The overwhelming choices of vitamin supplements available on the market today leaves many scratching their head trying to determine which vitamin meets their daily needs. Fortunately, Vitaplen has developed a liquid multi-vitamin that takes the guesswork, and confusion, out of buying multi-vitamins.


Vitaplen Complete

How has Vitaplen managed to do this with its liquid multi vitamin? Vitaplen Complete has accomplished this by focusing on creating a liquid multi vitamin that incorporates every aspect of what makes a vitamin work, not just adding some of the essential nutrients that make up many brand-name products.

The body's slow absorption rate of vitamins taken in pill and other non-liquid forms means the chances of a vitamin tablet passing through the digestive system undigested, and without providing the body with essential nutrients is always high.

The Physician's Desk Reference states that only 10% to 20% of a vitamin's nutrients, when taken in solid form, are absorbed by the body. With a liquid multi-vitamin, the Physician's Desk Reference suggests there is a 98% absorption rate. In other words, the absorption rate of a liquid multi-vitamin is quick, thorough and assured, which is why the makers of Vitaplen liquid multi-vitamin chose to make their product in this form.

High Absorption Rate!

The higher absorption rate of a liquid multi-vitamin not only means that it's guaranteed to work, but that it's also guaranteed to work faster. And in a world that demands immediate and top quality performance and results, there is no time to wait for vitamins to do their job so you can do yours, which is why Vitaplen sees a liquid multi-vitamin as the viable option.

Aside from the issue of absorption, what else makes the Vitaplen liquid multi-vitamin a viable option. Vitaplen contains everything needed to be the best single-source liquid, multi-vitamin for daily requirements.

Synergistic Ingredients

What this means is that, aside from the Vitaplen liquid multi-vitamin, most vitamins on the market contain only a few essential vitamins and the odd nutrient. For a vitamin to properly work, however, it must contain other minerals and nutrients to work in conjunction with the vitamins. This is what Vitaplen provides, the best of everything you need.

For example, vitamins and nutrients must work synergistically, which simply means that they must work together to produce maximum benefits. One example is how vitamin D and Calcium really need each other in order to be effective. Alone, they provide few benefits. Vitaplen recognized this when making its liquid multi-vitamin. The company strategically combines ingredients, such as vitamin D and Calcium, that compliment one another.

The other critical aspect that makes vitamins work, and something that helps the Vitaplen liquid multi vitamin stand above other products, is ingredient purity. Many companies have been accused of using low-quality ingredients or putting a low-dosage of an essential ingredient into the product. With the Vitaplen liquid multi-vitamin, you get the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) seal of approval, meaning that this liquid multi-vitamin contains only pure ingredients, and the necessary amount.

Beyond the fact that this liquid-multi vitamin is a top quality product, the makers of the Vitaplen liquid multi vitamin also recognized that a liquid multi-vitamin is a great alternative to a pill or tablet. Many people struggle with swallowing pills, but the Vitaplen liquid multi-vitamin can be easily ingested. Vitaplen's great orange flavor makes the liquid multi-vitamin quite tasty. Vitaplen Complete can also be mixed with a favorite beverage or fruit juice.

Another factor that makes the Vitaplen liquid multi-vitamin attractive is the cost-benefit factor of this liquid multi-vitamin. While Vitaplen liquid multi-vitamin might cost a little more than other daily vitamins, can we really put a value on health? Most don't think so, which is why spending under a dollar a day on a liquid multi-vitamin is well worth the extra cost.

In fact, many would view spending under a dollar-a-day on a liquid multi-vitamin an investment, not a direct expense. Consider the old adage that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." If a few cents a day will keep you from requiring costly medical procedures such as MRIs, which can run $4,000 for a single visit, or help keep your bones strong and reduce the chances of receiving a $10,000 bill for healing a broken bone, a liquid multi-vitamin begins to appear more like an investment in your stock portfolio, rather than something in the expense column of your personal finances.

Zero Calories and Carbs

If all this isn't enough to convince you that the Vitaplen liquid multi-vitamin is the best daily supplement for you, there's more. For those who are counting calories and watching the intake of those carbs, the Vitaplen liquid multi-vitamin is both calorie and carb free, so this liquid multi-vitamin will not interfere with your diet or lifestyle, but will only improve it.

There's more! Vitaplen Complete liquid multi-vitamin goes beyond other supplements by excluding any animal or synthetic proteins from its liquid multi-vitamin. In fact, the Vitaplen liquid multi-vitamin is 100% vegetarian and will not conflict with anyone's diet or values.

With all this said, isn't it time to stop spending money on ineffective, poorly produced vitamin supplements that are expensive for what they provide, as well as being hard to swallow? Many people are starting to see that the Vitaplen liquid multi-vitamin is the only choice for keeping a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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