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Dog Glucosamine

It wasn't until my old dog Storm began developing arthritis that I even knew what dog glucosamine was. He was a very large dog in at about eight or nine years old began developing symptoms of arthritis. He'd been through several traumatic incidents in his life which I believed aggravated his canine osteoarthritis conditions.

We began giving him several prescribed and other non-prescription treatments for his joint problems but nothing seemed to work well. After doing much research on the Internet I discovered a product called dog glucosamine. Actually, come to find out, there is no difference between dog glucosamine in the glucosamine is used by humans to treat arthritis in the end. But arthritis in human arthritis are virtually the same diseases with the same symptoms in the same treatment methods.

What I liked most about the dog glucosamine we found for trading storms arthritis was that it had virtually no side effects and was very inexpensive compared to many of the other treatments that we tried. If your dog has arthritis in the veterinarian prescribes prescription medications for the arthritis, be sure and follow up with him or her and also do research on your own on the Internet about those products and their possible severe side effects.

Glucosamine for dogs is a completely natural product. In fact, glucosamine is used by all of our bodies and the bodies of canines for building and replenishing joint cartilage tissue. That in fact is how it works to aid in treating dog arthritis. The dog glucosamine does not mask the symptoms or stop the pain immediately with any joint disease. Instead, it acts to rebuild the damaged tissue creating stronger and healthier joints in canines.

We looked at several options for the joint supplement and discovered that the liquid versions of glucosamine for dogs was probably our best choice. There are several factors for that including the fact that it is more easily absorbed by the body. But more importantly for us was the keys of which we could administer the doses of dog glucosamine. It's a very simple process to simply squeeze a bottle of liquid glucosamine to fill the reservoir at the top of the bottle and in pour the supplement over the dogs food at meal time. In almost no cases will a dog turn their noses up at their food if it has liquid glucosamine on it. Cats may be another story but dogs are simply not picky in this respect.

If you feed your dog twice a day it's advisable to split the dose up of glucosamine across the two feedings. Additionally when beginning the treatment of dog glucosamine it's advisable to double the dose in the first week to 10 days. After that there is no benefit to increasing the dosages of the supplement product.

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