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Don't Risk Your Pet's Life With Costly Scaling At The Vet's Office!

  • Dog Teeth Cleaning Removes Tartar
  • Kills Germs That Cause Bad Breath
  • Heals and Prevents Gum Disease
  • Excellent Results in 3 to 4 Weeks
  • No Risky Anesthesia Required

Dog With White Teeth

Clean Tartar and Plaque From From Your Dog's Teeth!

Dog teeth cleaning is vital for your pet's health. Too much tartar on the teeth can lead to high popluations of bacteria. This can cause gum infections and bleeding gums. At that point, the bacteria has easy access to the dog's blood stream where they can migrate to internal organs.

Cleaning dog teeth has never been more easy and safe! Finally there is a safe and very effective method for dog teeth cleaning! Our Petzlife products remove tarter, cure bad breath, and help maintain healthy gums for your dog or cat. Instead of paying for a dangerous and expensive cleaning procedure, you are now able to easily handle dog teeth cleaning yourself! Remember! Besides the cost, there are significant safety issues associated with cleaning dog teeth with a procedure which requires general anesthetic.

Use our gel and/or spray to safely clean your dog's teeth! They are 100% all natural products designed to remove tarter from dog teeth and keep your dog's breath smelling fresh! Remember, healthy teeth and gums are vital for your dog's overall health!

Until now the only alternative for dog teeth cleaning was to have it done by a vet. This procedure involves a general anesthetic for your dog. This is a dangerous procedure...especially for older dogs! Before scheduling this type of dog teeth cleaning, give our safe and natural Petzlife products a try!

Easy to Use: Spray, Brush, Swipe?

What method should you use to apply the product? That depends on your personality and your pet.

Which works best? The one you will commit to use! We recommend the Combo - gel and spray to get started.

Spray - Pros & Cons - The pump spray is convenient and easy to use for dog teeth cleaning. Spray along the teeth / gums and your pet's salvia will spread it around the mouth.

Brush - Pros & Cons - Works the fastest because you can really work around the mouth. Pet Toothbrushes are also available! Young pets can be trained to accept dog teeth cleaning with a brush... and if you have a puppy I recommend it. Older pets may not tolerate it one bit! Know your pet!

Swipe - Pros & Cons - My Favorite method for dog teeth cleaning... I place the gel on my index finger and just swipe inside the mouth of the dog. I am in and out before they know anything happened. Their salvia will spread it around. Quick and easy - and I will do it daily which is the key to good results. Know yourself - what will you commit to daily!

To begin, use these products up to twice daily for dog teeth cleaning. Allow your pet no food or water for 30 minutes before the product is applied and 30 minutes after the product has been applied.

Regular maintenance of one or two applications per week will ensure continued oral health for your pet.

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Petzlife Dog Teeth Cleaning


"I have used your product for a week on my dog’s teeth that were covered in hard plaque and last night I was able to, with my fingernail, pluck that hard plaque off of her teeth.

The Vet had recommended putting her to sleep to clean her teeth and my dog has seizures and we did not want to take a chance on her not awakening so we decided to try your product ...really not thinking that it would work.

But it did! Now my dog’s teeth are on their way to being good as new and her breath does not stink anymore, also she act’s like she feels much better just like she is a new dog.

Thanks a lot and we are going to try other products that you offer."

Steve Durham
iberty, KY

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Teeth Cleaning!

Completely Safe for Dogs and Cats!
100% All Natural



I bought the PetzLife oral care gel for my two dogs last week, I have used it at night for 4 nights and have already noticed a big difference in my 12 year olds teeth, she had a lot of plaque and tarter in the very back and it is over half way gone, Because of the age of my older dog and my 4 year old has had a couple of seizures I was so worried to have them put under to have their teeth cleaned. I'm so happy I found this product.  

Laurie M.

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Clean dog teeth are an important responsibility for a canine owner.

Tarter build up on dog teeth can lead to many problems including severe infections of the gums, which could possibly lead to infections in other parts of the body.

Dog teeth scaling is one method used to clean dog teeth. This procedure is performed at the vet's office under general anesthetic. However, there are several problems with dog teeth scaling.

The first problem is that the cost can be quite expensive in some parts of the country. Some veterinarians charge as much as $400 for the procedure. Additionally, the dog teeth cleaning procedure requires general anesthesia and can be dangerous, especially for older dogs. Anesthetic applied to smaller animals is sometimes not an exact science.

Although the vast majority of dogs undergoing dog teeth scaling for teeth cleaning have no problems with the anesthesia, there is an alarmingly high number of fatalities during general anesthetic on dogs. This is especially important for owners of dogs who are older to understand. Older dogs are far more at risk for general anesthetic procedures than are younger dogs. Unfortunately, it's the older dogs that need their teeth cleaned more often than younger dogs.

Another problem with dog teeth scaling is that infections can result afterwards. Much of the scaling takes place under the dog's gums. It can lead to bleeding and allow infection to enter the bloodstream. Because of this, antibiotics must be administered to the dog after the procedure. These antibiotics can often lead to digestive problems for the dog. Additionally, they are expensive.

There are other solutions for cleaning dog's teeth. One of the simplest methods is using a product that is something like dog toothpaste. These can be highly effective when used properly. There are also dog teeth cleaning sprays available which can simply be sprayed in the dog's mouth on a daily basis. These are not quick fixes, however. To clean the dog's teeth properly, especially if there is tarter build up over an extended period of time, requires daily treatment with dog toothpaste and/or sprays. However, if performed on a regular basis, these dog toothpastes and sprays can be highly effective at removing dog teeth tarter.

Questions About Using Our Dog Teeth Cleaning Products

Are these dog teeth cleaning products safe?
Yes! The ingredients in the gel and spray products are 100% natural. The main ingredient is extract of grapefruit seed. These products are completely safe for all dogs and cats.

Should I order the gel, the spray, or both?
The spray is the easiest and least messy. But combining the gel with twice a week brushing for a few weeks will have the best results in more severe cases. If your pet's teeth aren't too bad, we suggest the spray. If there is a lot of tarter, we suggest the gel for cat and dog teeth cleaning. Also, cats are less likely to accept the spray compared to dogs.

How do these products work for dog teeth cleaning?
The ingredients in the products mix with the pet's saliva. After application the dog or cat will spend a lot of time licking their lips and teeth. This spreads the product over their teeth. The active ingredients then began loosening harmful plaque and tarter and killing bacteria which not only causes bad breath but can also be dangerous if there is much gum disease.

How long does it take for the products to work?
First of all, you must follow the directions on the bottle closely for cat and dog teeth cleaning. Consistent cleaning for 2 to 4 weeks is very important. After that, simple maintenance applications are all that is needed. Depending upon the teeth's current condition, significant reduction in plaque should be seen in 2 to 4 weeks. Look closely at the gum line area and the condition of the gums at the start of application. These are the areas which will show the first signs of improvement. The center areas of the teeth will be the last to clear up.

Clean Dogs Teeth With Petzlife


Will these products clear up bad breath in dogs and cats?
Yes! Harmful bacteria are the general cause of bad breath in dogs and cats. Petzlife oral gel and spray are designed to kill bacteria on contact. So your pet's mouth not only becomes healthier, its breath becomes fresh also!

What about harmful side effects for dog teeth cleaning with our products?
Great news! There are NONE! Unlike the dangers of anesthesia, these products are completely safe for your pet! All you will notice is your pet licking his or her lips afterwards for several minutes. This is a desired actions since it helps to spread the natural ingredients evenly across the teeth and gums.

Using these products can prevent return trips to the vet for further cat and dog teeth cleaning!
Even if you just had your pet's teeth cleaned, now is a great time to start using these natural products. Applying on the maintenance schedule will mean your dog or cat will not likely need to return to the vet for dangerous and expensive dog teeth cleaning!

Using these all natural products can save on vet bills!
Dogs and cats can need root canals and other expensive oral treatments too if their oral health is neglected! Just like people, your dog or cat should receive regular oral care. These products are perfect for not only cleaning and preventing bad breath; they insure your pet's oral health is taken care of too.

Here is one more reason to use these natural products for cat and dog teeth cleaning:
Most vets agree that dogs and cats with healthy teeth will live longer! It's a little known fact among pet owners that infected gums in their pets can cause harmful bacteria to enter directly into the blood stream and have adverse effects on other parts of the body. Regular cat and dog teeth cleanings are vitally important to your pet's health!

Suggested Methods for Cleaning Your Dog's Teeth

Gel directions: Using once daily at bed-time is best. Use a soft brush or your finger to apply across the pet's teeth and gums. Don't allow any food or water at least 30 minutes before and after treatment.
Small dogs and cats: 1/3 teaspoon

Medium sized dogs: 1/2 teaspoon
Large sized dogs: 1 teaspoon

There are about 24 teaspoons in each bottle.

Maintenance: Follow the above instructions every 3 or 4 days.

Spray directions: Spray in the pet's mouth 1 to 2 times per day for cat and dog teeth cleaning. Right before bed-time is best. Do not allow any food or water for 30 minutes before and after the application. Brushing with a soft brush every 3 or 4 days will enhance results.

Pets under 12 pounds: 2 sprays
12 - 35 pounds: 3 sprays

30 - 60 pounds: 4 sprays
Large breeds: 5 to 6 sprays

There are about 450 sprays per bottle.

Here is a trick for using the gel without the fuss of brushing when cleaning dog teeth: Mix some gel in just a dab of peanut butter on a saucer and allow your dog to lick the mixture up. Dogs LOVE peanut butter, or at least all of ours always have! As they lick the mixture the gel is spread evening within their mouth. This works very well at bed-time. Do not let them drink any water for at least 30 minutes afterward and longer if possible. The gel's ingredients will then work all night at dissolving plaque and killing bacteria. Another method for cat and dog teeth cleaning with the gel is to simply rub some on their teeth with your fingers. They will lick and lick at it and thus spread the gel all over their gums and teeth. Again, do this at a time when it will remain in their mouth for as long as possible without them drinking any water.

The spray can be annoying to cats. For cats spay or use gel on a small piece of favorite treat such as liver paste, tuna, or mix it in fish oil. Don't allow your cat to drink water for at least 30 minutes afterwards.

Anesthesia can be very dangerous and even deadly for pets.
Older dogs are especially vulnerable with that dangerous dog teeth cleaning method.


Dog Teeth Cleaning Gel


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