Arthritis Treatment For Dogs

About five years ago we started looking for an arthritis treat for dogs. Our dog Storm was getting up in years and was starting to suffer from the effects of arthritis. He was not only moving slower than he had when he was younger, he was acting quite stiff when trying to get up and while walking up stairs.

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Arthritis Treatment for Dogs

Safe and Effective


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Our vet suggested giving him aspirin. We did and it worked for a while. Then he almost died from it. I have an article written about his ordeal with it here. So after that we wanted to find a safe arthritis treatment for dogs. Our search led us to a product called Syn-flex Liquid Glucosamine. We ordered a bottle of Synflex and started giving it to Storm.

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We liked it because it was so easy to give it to him. It had a built-in measuring spout, and we would just pour it over his food once a day. He didn't mind the taste at all. And best of all, it was an arthritis treatment for dogs which had virtually no side effects. We didn't ever want to have another experience like we had had with the aspirin.

After about a month we started to notice a difference in Storm. He was moving around and getting up much easier than he had been. We continued giving Storm liquid glucosamine until he died from very old age. He was no ball of fire, but he was still getting around pretty good until the end. He was a large dog and about 15 years old when he died. That is pretty old for big dog!

As an arthritis treatment for dogs, liquid glucosamine can't be beat. Not only have we had great success with it, we have thousands of satisfied customers who think so too!

Why is liquid glucosamine so great?

The number one reason is that it works with no negative side effects! Glucosamine is a well accepted arthritis treatment for dogs (and humans too!) which is easy to administer. Out of all of our customers, we've only had one report of a dog refusing to eat food with with the glucosamine mixed in. In almost every case, dogs simply do not mind the taste at all.

Another great benefit to using glucosamine as an arthritis treatment for dogs is that it does not mask the pain of arthritis. Unlike many anti-inflamatory (and oftentimes dangerous) drugs, glucosamine works by rebuilding and regenerating joint tissue. In other words, instead of just stopping the pain, glucosamine can actually help repair the damage arthritis causes.

Since most dogs (like people) will suffer from arthritis to some degree later in life, we think it is wise to start giving glucosamine to dogs in the last half of their lives. Just like humans, that is when arthritis can start. It's so easy to give liquid glucosamine as an arthritis treatment for dogs, it really makes sense to start the treatment before symptoms start.

Liquid Glucosamine Works for People Too!

We, like many of our customers share our glucosamine with our dogs. We estimate that about a third of our customers buy our glucosamine for their own use and their dogs. Arthritis in dogs is exactly the same as in humans. So the same glucosamine treatment works for both.

Arthritis Treatment for Dogs.

  • Glucosamine works and is safe
  • Glucosamine helps rebuild damaged joints
  • Compared to other medications, it's quite inexpensive
  • Simply pour it over your dog's food
  • The bottle has a self-measuring spout
  • Their are no dangerous side effects!


Here is Storm!

This picture was taken a few weeks before he passed away in May, 2005.




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