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Synflex for Pets
Beef Flavor

100% Safe and Natural Treatment for Arthritis and Stiff Joints

Synflex Pets Beef is the same formula as Synflex 1500 minus white willow bark and vitamin C.

Guaranteed to
Ease Arthritis Pain!

  • New Beef Flavor!
  • Same Low Price!
  • 1500 mg of Glucosamine!

PROOF Syn-Flex Works

Dosage Chart

Dog Arthritis Symptoms


All Natural Liquid Glucosamine

dog supplement
8 oz Bottle
32 Day Supply for Large Dogs
Much Longer For Small Dogs

Have a small dog? You can add a dropper to your order for easier measuring. Just ask for the free dropper in the “notes” section of the shopping cart when your order is placed…No Charge!

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Safe and All Natural Synflex Liquid Glucosamine for Joint Health

Syn-Flex is Doctor and Veterinarian Recommended!


Thousands of Satisfied and Repeat Customers!

We give Synflex to our dogs and have thousands of very satisfied customers. Almost two-thirds of our business now is from returning customer who have ordered multiple times! We believe that is the BEST indication Synflex really does work!

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Liquid glucosamine is an all natural product that aids in treating arthritis. Arthritis is a degenerative joint disease where the tissue within the joint deteriorates, causing the bones to rub together when they move and cause pain.

Common signs of arthritis in dogs and cats include:

• Decline in energy or less activity than normal
• Increased sensitivity, growling or whining when touched, lifted or handled
• Limping
• Stiffness
• Difficulty climbing stairs
• Whining or making noises for no reason
• Slow or reluctant getting up from a lying or sitting position

Liquid glucosamine helps restore the joint tissue within the joints, preventing this condition. Although there is no cure for arthritis, liquid glucosamine can ensure that the joint tissue is as healthy as possible.

Synflex Pet Dosage Chart

Pet's Weight
Total Doses

Suggested Daily Dose

0 - 10 lbs

256 Doses

1/32 oz (.2 tsp)
10 - 40 lbs
128 Doses
1/16 oz (.4 tsp)
40 - 100 lbs
64 Doses
1/8 oz (.75 tsp)
100+ lbs
32 Doses
1/4 oz (1.5 tsp)


Many older dogs, just like with people, suffer from joint arthritis as they age. Liquid glucosamine, beginning at an early age, ensure that the joints remain as healthy as possible. In addition to giving liquid glucosamine as a supplement, plenty of exercise on a regular basis is a must. Although the exercise is important, it's very necessary that the dog not overdo. Many dogs, even as they age, are very active and need to be controlled somewhat. We have an older dog who becomes too active at times and ends up hurting herself. Also, as dogs age and their activity level decreases, they tend to put on extra weight. It's very important that you as a dog owner control your dog's weight. Weight adds stress on the dog's joints and simply aggravates the condition of arthritis. Although it's difficult to sometimes control older dogs' weight, it is important to do the best you can in metering out food in less amounts.

Be Careful When Giving Your Dog Prescription Drugs for Arthritis!


Here is a picture of Storm. He is the one that led us to Synflex. I give him all the credit for how successful Cactus Canyon has become. Without him, we would not discovered Synflex. He developed severe arthritis later in his life. The vet suggested a daily dose of aspirin. It worked fine for two weeks and then he became deathly ill one day. He almost died from an intestinal infection caused by the daily aspirin! If you give your dog aspirin on a regular basis, ALWAYS check his/her poop for a black color. That is a sign of an intestinal infection. Storm's looked bad a day or two before he got sick. I just thought he had a stomach virus or something.

Synflex is Safe and Natural!

I researched other drugs the vet suggested. They all scared me because of the side effects. I was very worried about side effects after his near death. I then discovered Synflex on the internet. It looked perfect; natural and completely safe! We placed an order and Storm was doing much better in a month's time. It really did add to the quality of his last few years. He lived to the ripe old age of about 16 (we did not know his birthday). He was a good dog --- and is truly missed!

Synflex is not a miracle drug. It will not cure arthritis. If you dog has arthritis, it will continue to get worse with age. There is no cure. However, glucosamine can radically slow down the progression of arthritis and can even reverse some of the current damage. Because it is completely safe and inexpensive compared to prescription drugs, it really makes sense to at least try it before risking prescription drugs.

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