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Cleaning your dog’s teeth is very important for a host of reasons. Perhaps the most noticeable reason is the appearance of his or her teeth. Everyone wants their dog to have that perfect “pearly white” smile instead of the "rotten dog teeth" look! Plaque build-up is both unsightly and dangerous for canines.

Petzlife Dog Teeth Cleaning

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Besides how bad the plaque can look, there is an even more important reason to keep tartar from building up. As in people, tartar build-up can cause infections in the gums. These infections often lead to the gums being irritated and even bleeding. The fact that they are bleeding means there is direct access in the mouth to the blood supply. The bacteria that caused the plaque now have a direct path the blood and therefore to other parts of the body. This condition can rapidly lead to more serious conditions than simply unsightly tartar. Learn more here about the cost of dog teeth cleaning.

Once the bacteria find their way into the blood stream, they can be transported to other parts of the body including vital organs. Once infected, the bacteria’s by-products can be very dangerous and harmful to the organs. These types of infections can lead to significant illness and even death in severe infections.

Remember is it always easier to keep the tartar from building up on your dog's teeth than it is to remove it once the build up occurs. Vets will often suggest a procedure called “scaling” when the tartar is built up severly. Scaling requires putting the dog under general anesthetic.

Putting a dog under general anesthesia for any reason can be quite dangerous. This is especially true with older dogs as they are more liable to have issues with it. Dog owners should always realize that general anesthetic for dogs is far more dangerous than with humans. The death rate for the procedure is far greater than that with humans. Anyone considering this action should always ask their vet specific questions about the risk involved before scaling dogs’ teeth.

Once again, it is much easier for a dog owner to keep the tartar from building up on dog teeth than it is to remove it once it is there. Our dog teeth cleaning gel is completely natural and works very well at preventing tartar build up. If the tartar is not too heavy, brushing with the gel is only required 3 or 4 times per week in order to maintain healthy teeth and gums. The spray can be used as a supplement also, but we do highly suggest the gel as the primary cleaner. Also, the salmon flavored gel seems to have a more powerful effect than does the regular flavor. It’s thought that the salmon oil may also aid in dissolving the tartar.

If the tartar build-up is heavy on the dog’s teeth, brushing every day for several months may be required to remove the scale. It may be difficult at first, but it is important to work at getting your dog’s cooperation with the brushing. Some good dog psychology and patience are usually all that is required. Having to fight with the dog usually will mean the brushings become neglected.

It is important to brush the dog’s teeth at a time when food and water access can be removed for 30 minutes to an hour afterward. The gel has a residual effect which lasts beyond the act of brushing. For inside dogs, a good time to brush is right before bedtime. For outside dogs, a time has to be found when the dog can be contained in a garage or other room after the brushing in order to keep him or her away from water or food.

Brushing your dog’s teeth may not be the most enjoyable aspect of owning your dog, but can be vital to insuring its continued health.


Remove Tartar WITHOUT
Dangerous (and costly) Anesthesia!

Petzlife Products are
100% Natural and Safe

  • Destroys Plaque and Tarter Safely
  • Limits Germs and Stops Bad Breath
  • Heals and Stops Disease of the Gums
  • Great Results in Two to Three Weeks
  • Don't Risk Anesthesia!
  • Works Great for Dogs and Cats

Petzlife Dog Teeth Cleaning

Just $24.95



Cleaning Dog Teeth Safely
100% Safe and Natural!

Why Put Your Pet Through This??

Actual Photos of Teeth Cleaning (Scaling) done in a Vet's office under Anesthesia

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